happy father ‘s day!

happy father’s day everyone!

May God bless ,  protect, and keep you!

st  Joseph pray for us.




night prayer 8

dear God

you know we hold nothing but you
we have no one but you
you are our hope and joy
thank you for today
thank you for being in our midst
against all the odds
you let us know you are there
our strength comes from you alone
our happiness a miracle you shower
us from heaven

today st Joseph reigned in our home.

bless all we love and those we pray for; our enemies too,
and especially those who need most of your mercy
forgive our sins.

glory be to the father to the son and to the holy spirit. as it was in the beginning now and will be forever.


On Good Manners

The Proverbs explain on good manners, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

My parents used to tell me that what you do everyday or when no one sees you becomes your habit.

You may say, “No one is looking anyway so I can cheat, or just for today, I can pluck my neighbors roses, or I can do work later, later and later.” Beware! Things you do wrong from time to time become bad habits, so better do what is right and truthful all the time.

I remind my students of the golden rule, “Do not do to others what you don’t like others to do to you.”

And do not forget the commandments from the Holy Bible. In Matthew chapter twenty two, the greatest commandment is to love God above all, and the second is to love thy neighbor as thyself. Of these two commandments hang all the law.

In schools, it is a must to teach students about etiquette and right conduct.

In any kind of work, it is every person’s duty to exhibit work ethics.

Good manners and right conduct begin with knowing how to say please, I am sorry, thank you, madam, sir, and excuse me, among others. These are little acts of kindness, love and humility.

Try these examples.

Please get your work done immediately.
I am sorry I was not able to attend your party.
Thank you for your help.
Madam, here is your book.
Sir, you have a phone call.
Excuse me for being late.

Manners make things better. They help us enjoy life, be happy and be at peace with one another. They help us behave in ways that are best for everyone.

Nowadays, people with manners are rare. And because we all want to be noticed, there are times we bully others and disrespect their rights. We gossip, we become arrogant, we mock, we count on chores or lack some heart to help when necessary. Many of us become inconsiderate and forget the miracle word, that is discipline. Let us begin with ourselves and choose friends carefully. Learn to say no even if everyone else is doing it. Always remember to tell the truth and do what is right.

Of course, we must pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that in all things we follow God’s path.

/rosevoc April 27, 2018