On Trust

On Trust

Why be trusting?

When Jesus asked Peter to walk on the water, Peter drowned. Peter got scared and was of little faith, so he cried to Jesus for help and trusted that Jesus would save him. Jesus did. “Truly, you are the son of God,” exclaimed Peter.

In Genesis, Abraham offered his only son Isaac to the Lord believing every word of God. Abraham’s belief was more than what he had, more than his life, more than his beloved son. Abraham was an honest follower of the Lord. He guaranteed it with his life and with the life of his son.

There is obligation in trust.

We trust people because we also depend on them for help, for advice or for love like our spouses, family members, friends, co-workers, employers or constituents, among others.

Something must be delivered, borrowed or fulfilled in this obligation. It could be a sacred pact or a business deal as in banking standards of debit and credit.

Consider caution.

There are just times you could all believe the people around you because they sounded sweet and honest like a politician’s promise to the people and those enticing advertisments of goods on sale. What could be true?

People let you down some points in life. In those times you need them they seem so distant. Betrayal in love affairs happen like, “You are going to need me baby, one of these days.”

Moreover, beware of greed when properties are not passed on by a will and you are in the presence of bad aunts, uncles and relatives. Or beware of death, as in tyranny in a shoot-to- kill culture, or in my country’s present situation of knock and plead.

There was a time when I was totally out of trust on any one after experiencing set backs in my life. When someone gave me water, literally, I spilled it out and got a new one. I had my own fork, my own spoon, my own glass. When I got back to normal situation, I drank even from the taps or accepted any offer and sought God’s grace in all the things around. Later, it came as a matter of thought, a matter of grace, a matter of believing in the Holy Spirit ways, that life would be lived trusting all things will work out together for good in the Lord.

How dangerous is trust?

It is as dangerous as Judas kiss and as deadly as a snake’s fang. It is delicate as eggshells, mysterious as a spy.

But when you bank on to someone worthy, it becomes a cherished gem and something you would not regret to bring to the grave for all time.

/rosevoc. july 19, 2018


night prayer 10

Dear God,

The night lulls me to sleep after the facts of daylight
I waited for the muse
Waited through hours of daylight and afternoon
It didn’t come yet, but I could, in myself, felt it move
and wrote on the moon

Dear God, thank you for today
For those moments that seized my thoughts
For those moments, intimate, that brought me the light of words –

Dear God, tomorrow, again
You will make me weave
In my labyrinths
In the old and new earth rolling
Only you, hold my hand and my songs.

Lord, I adore you.
Lord Jesus Christ, I place my trust in You.

/rosevoc 7.10.2018


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