night prayer 8

dear God you know we hold nothing but you we have no one but you you are our hope and joy thank you for today thank you for being in our midst against all the odds you let us know you are there our strength comes from you alone our happiness a miracle you shower us from heaven today st Joseph reigned in our home. bless all we love and those we pray for; our enemies too, and especially those who need most of your mercy forgive our sins. amen glory be to the father to the son and to … Continue reading night prayer 8

On Good Manners

The Proverbs explain on good manners, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” My parents used to tell me that what you do everyday or when no one sees you becomes your habit. You may say, “No one is looking anyway so I can cheat, or just for today, I can pluck my neighbors roses, or I can do work later, later and later.” Beware! Things you do wrong from time to time become bad habits, so better do what is right and truthful all the time. … Continue reading On Good Manners

night prayer 7

Lord Jesus Christ this day will soon end for another day tomoŕrow Thank you for all that you teach me to know thy ways I have never been perfect but often rebellious Yet in all my imperfections You have been there and never leave I thank you for giving me the strength to do my duties and for thy mercy and grace to those we plead for for all I ask and for my wants, too, in Your will Thank you for being my Father and letting me reverence the saints Your angels and the dead and us the living, … Continue reading night prayer 7

night prayer 6

my Lord Jesus Christ I come to you as always for your protection and blessings. we are all in this beautiful world to entrust ourselves in your care. my Father God come to our aid and teach us your ways, that we may see the goodness of each one of us and forgive the little faults we make and the indifference, too. dear God take care of all those we love, fill their need and breathe on us your Holy SPirit that we may not need of anything else, but You. St. Joseph, pray for us. S. Michael, pray for … Continue reading night prayer 6