On Work

On Work Mother told us to always have the initiative, so we grew up asking “Can I help?” when it came to work duties. Truly, we were blessed to be surrounded with people who loved work and valued it with integrity. And while we loved to assist most of the time, we have learned about accepting duties. When we were students, some of us were taught to obey parents and finish the course they preferred for us. Often, we did not like that way but still abided. I remember I told my mother “I do not like your teaching profession … Continue reading On Work

On Faithfulness

Faithfulness is the code of a soldier. It is rooted from the ground, to life, to death. When you are faithful to someone you are thorough in the performance of a duty sealed like a covenant. In human terms it is like blood compact, a marriage vow, or an allegiance to a flag or a constitution. Faithfulness does not waver like a stone that is untroubled by the wind, like a knight to his sword, like a duty to heaven. “Peter, do you love me?” Jesus asked three times. Three times, Jesus asked, emphasizing Peter’s love and unswerving obedience to … Continue reading On Faithfulness

On Humility

Saint Augustine says that it is humility that makes men angels. Humility is one of the hardest virtues to obtain and practice. Yet once you have learned how to practice it, your cup of joy overflows as if you’ve been so empty and light and the Holy Spirit of God anoints you heart to heart. Last year in December, I have received that gift of giving a small kid’s party (with the help of family and some friends) in the province. One hundred kids and friends gathered in prayer and the spirit of oneness with spaghetti and fun. For me, … Continue reading On Humility