I heard about the word devotion from my grandmother Luz. It was because of her piano piece.

Afterward, I have learned that devotion could also be some promise to God, a promise that can never be broken. We have to think that God sees everything and whether it be a big or small promise Father God would be appeased. And if a big or small lie, God would punish, too. As a child I was afraid to be thrown or cast into hell and never to meet dear ones in heaven. And as an angel fan, my dream is to see the holy angels and of course, Jesus’ glorious face when Saint Peter calls in each, our time.

Growing up Catholic, I have learned of the word forgiveness. It is upon committing sin, asking for pardon from the people I have wronged and reprieve for those who have wronged me. The universal prayer teaches this to us. This does not mean that we would be sinning, but of repentance that shows of asking for forgiveness and avoiding sin in the offing.

Fulfilling something you are called to do is duty. Doing it piously is offering oneself. Offering oneself is sacrifice and love. Love is devotion. The marriage of a husband and wife is devotion to each other and family. The family is devotion to kids. Kids are devotion to God and molded for progress and peace of the world.

I read in a prayer book of a fifth edition about varied devotions. I was wondering how each of those would be used or which one was appropriate at a given occasion like first, second or third devotion for a holy mass and to the Blessed Sacrament, among others.

One time, during a holy hour at the Rogationist Seminary chapel, I asked Father Ulrich Gacayan about which devotion should I read. He told me that it was upon my discretion which one I read and prayed. Likewise, he stated that should I like to pray all three or all four of the prayers, I could do it simultaneously as to my heart’s desire.

Moreover, the Blessed Virgin Mary grants seven graces to the soul who honors her daily by meditating on her sorrows. This devotion was passed on by St. Brigit of Sweden. The seven sorrows of Mary are the prophecy of Simeon, the flight into Egypt, the loss of the child Jesus in the Temple, Mary meets Jesus carrying the cross, the crucifixion and death of Jesus, Mary received the dead body of her son, and the burial of Mary’s son and closing of the tomb. We could say one Hail Mary while meditating on each sorrow.

Therefore, on love beyond doubt, I will love you darling with a love so true and I will offer darling my deep devotion to you.

Rosevoc august 1, 2017

P.S. How deep is your devotion? How deep is your Love (Bee gees)? Smile. A blessed Wednesday everyone!


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