Learning To Pray In Silence


Praying is an act of holiness. No matter how sinful one can be, in prayer one transforms into a positive energy that warms the earth and the human race. Prayer is a gift from God.

It does not choose. Everyone is equal. Everyone can come. It is full of power.

So you can come. You can accept God for free with your whole heart, mind and spirit. In various ways you can do it aloud or in silence. God is always listening in every way.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”

There are situations that wreck your heart then all of a sudden you find yourself sitting quietly, clasping your hands and bowing your head. Sometimes, you become too happy, then your blithe body looking up or down in adoration and thanks, you are praying!

The priest, nun, parents, teacher or the catechist in the community can help and inspire you to adore God, but then it is only the Holy Spirit that will show you what to do and as you learn your chants, novena or Nicene Creed, you are in pact with the Holy Ghost.

Says a priest, “The Eucharist or the Holy Mass is the highest form of prayer.”

Moreover, the rosary is a form of remembering how Jesus lived his life on earth, from birth to death, through the intercession of Mama Mary and the holy Saints and angels. For me this depicts the word Emmanuel. God is with us!

So in silence, your eyes stop blinking or they blink a lot. Something mortal inside you stops. Everything in the body meet in one glorious space of Holy grace and mercy where mind and heart meet fully focused on Him alone. In silence, when you consider yourself a sinner (trying not to sin again), when thoughts crave for the holiness and benefit of others (pray for their intentions), when you humbly admit you give nothing but yourself; you will feel God. His breath will capture every word in your heart and mind, even those you cannot speak. And though there are those, who speak in words or in tongues, there can be those who say nothing, and in awe adore God deep inside every heartbeat, every atom in the flesh, all the hands can grasp, the nothing and everything of the world and the self in one Sacred Heart. “Take me, I am yours… ”

Prayer can substitute for the word love in the Holy Bible. The Our Father is the prayer which Jesus taught (his disciples) us.

Let me share this.

Create in us, a clean heart, dear God that we may love and be happy.
Send forth thy Holy Spirit. Make us one with thy most Sacred Heart.
Gather us in your arms, please don’t be apart.
Most Sacred Heart, we love you. Dear Jesus, we trust you.

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