Today, February 14th, 2017 is Valentine’s day! Happy Hearts Day Everyone!

Today, also, we do not have water in Paranaque City due to a damaged pipe (mishap by contractor) caused by an ongoing pipe reconstruction of Maynilad. This means we do not have water today until the evening… maybe.

So an accident — may God help us all because water is life.

In emergency cases like this where you cannot blame anyone, how would this problem be solved?

I grew up in the city of Manila, at San Andres Bukid. My mother was a public school teacher at Rafael Palma Elementary School. During such times we didn’t have water, if emergency – the city of Manila provided for free water delivery to the Manila residents.

In Paranaque City, I called the Barangay Office, but the admin could not even give a valid answer to my query. I am not putting a blame on anyone; as a concerned citizen I was just asking how they would solve the problem. I was disappointed to the answer that was given to me “Ako nga hindi pa nakaligo din…” Can she even think of taking a bath, if there was no water to drink?” Government staff must be trained to answer the people they are serving – in ALL walks of life.

I tried to call the Municipal Hall of Paranaque, to FYI Mayor Olivarez and a woman in the Radio Room answered… “Sige po Ma’am makakarating po and tawag ninyo…” I think that was a better answer. I pray for the people of Paranaque.

Rose Flores – Martinez. Rosevoc
Merville, Paranaque City


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