Prayers for Surrendering to God



Life matters. It does. More than anything else in this world, life matters. Often, you forget about this blessing and fret about things that cannot equal the value of life. You become more occupied on getting more money, more gain, and you forget that you have the most important gifts right in you: your mind, your heart, your body.

When you pray, you surrender to God. Willingly, you seek him, long for him, or ache for him. You want him to come to you, feel him and whisper in his chest. You want him so much, his all in you, so nothing else matters. He completes you.

When you pray, heaven bends down. When you cry in joy or sorrow, God cups your tears in his hand to water dry fields from the pure heart. Prayers of surrendering come hot to God because they seek his will. They cover heaven and earth with bliss, all its creation, especially the faithful.

Check the following universal prayers.

“Take and receive O Lord, my liberty
Take all my will, my mind, my memory.”

This means empty me, dear God. Your will be done.

“All to Jesus I surrender, all to him I freely give.”

This means Jesus be my savior. Take me, my Lord and my God.

“O Mary, mother of Jesus and mother of the church, receive my pact of love with you.”

This is being one with Mama Mary, as a daughter or son. The parent is a source of nourishment, comfort, power, healing and teaching.

“I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.”

I believe you dear God. I love you, my Father. I pray for the resurrection of the dead and our lives now and tomorrow. I trust in you, most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses.”

Life is lived one day at a time, be young or old, or whatever our tags be. We ask and give thanks day by day. After every struggle we move and try surrendering to God again. All shall pass too, yet our hope and light is forever. God’s promise is forever.

Surrendering to God is not for a show nor for fame, but for love, peace and unity of all men and nations. It is not for money, power or reputation. Surrendering to God is more than mortality. It is a miracle that moves mountains and divide seas.

You cannot love both God and mammon. You cannot be neutral. You can either be black or white. You must choose. You must trust. Understand that when you pray, you are surrendering to God and you are one with him.

Pray, therefore and have faith!

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