On June 19, 2016. Fathers Day



A father is someone you can’t do without.

He is someone to lean on, someone to tell everything to, except your boyfriends (because he would say yes to it, but not allow), someone to ask money from, someone to fetch you from school, and someone to frighten those who scare you…

Dad tells you to be the most beautiful girl in the world

Dad tells you to be the brightest

Dad gives you money (of course like Mom, but Mom has a budget)

He shows you all the possibilities and gives you all the challenges

When he gets angry, prepare to hold your tears, not to wail

Maybe just sob

Dad shows you to speak up for your rights

Dad buys you what you want

Dad says don’t get food from strangers

Dad says don’t go with strangers

Dad says wait for me

Dad asks, what do you want

and gives you himself (of course, after Mom)

Only Dad carries to sleep

Only Dad says watch over me

Only Dad brings you everywhere without fear

Your Dad

My Dad

Our Dads

show us all the wonderful things of this world.

I love you Daddy!

Happy Father’s day all!


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