On April 24. YOLO Notes



1.   I’m trying to discover something to write about; new ways, old ways, better ways.

2.  Babies want to sleep encircled with light pillows.

3.  Hungarian sausages and potato salad are luscious for lunch.

4.  I have learned a new word from Marco Borja (4 years old).  The word is animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy’s).  Talking to kids and teaching them is also teaching yourself.  Kids are not boring, they are awesome.

5.Try reading a book and choose from varied endings,  like the “Secret of the Ninja” by Jay Leibold.

6.  The earth is engraved with drawings –

7.  Your intimate lovers stay in your mind.

8.  Growing older is growing wiser.  Getting older must be closer to God’s instructions.

9.  Perhaps I must learn to take good pictures.

10. Change and adapting to change get you zeal.

11.  Kiss whenever possible.

12.  Rest to avoid stress because of climate changes.  Do things that make you happy!

13.  Yolo is real!  You Only Live Once!  Enjoy and make others happy!  Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


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