Let Us Pray Together

Praying is communicating to an Almighty God. It is linking oneself inside the halos of holiness. It is opening the self and every heart beat in front of a Creator.

There are different ways of praying and many forms of rituals. Life must be filled by it to endure difficult times. Men are endowed with gifts from heaven, and one of them is the power of prayer. This will be a shield to fulfill one’s goal and find the meaning of his/her life.

People are God’s children. Though the different religions and races, there is a Divine Omnipotence, called God. God is one Father to His children. The children pray and live life on earth, to find joy yonder even after life.

History is composed of life and death. The memory of the dead becomes alive in the present time. Cultures are built by generations one after another in the hope of creating changes and progress. Many theories are formed of the sciences, and there’s the book we call the “Holy Bible” showing documents – how we all come to be one body in Christ. Truly, eyes see us and the big hands of God hold the world.

How do people pray?

When we can’t utter words, but find peace in our hearts – we are praying.

When tears fall, and nothing could describe it – we are praying.

When we call “My Father, my Lord, my God” – we are praying.

God is with us, any place we go, 24 hours a day. Sleeping and waking let our hearts be filled with him – that is praying.

When we do our work and serve others – we pray.

Try this prayer from the Bible:

Anima Christi (Soul of Christ)

Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from the side of Christ, wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
O good Jesus hear me
Within Your wound, hide me
Never permit me to be separated from you
From the evil one, protect me
At the hour of death, call me
And bid me to come to you
That with your Saints
I may praise you forever.

Send O Lord, Holy Apostles
Into Your church.

It is good to wake up with a prayer and sleep with a prayer. Also, give thanks before and after meals. There is also the midday prayer and the Angelus. Some religious and faithful pray/chant eight times a day, the others maybe three times or as their hearts desire; even every hour with work (?). The monks pray as early as 3am at dawn.

Don’t worry, God will not count and it’s not how many, BUT how you pray. Are you sincere? Do you love God so much and want others to be happy and be of God?

Let us always pray together. Let us not forget each other in prayer.


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