The Magic of Drawings

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

I’ve been amazed , basically by all things in this world.

But then, how to draw a cat, a mouse, a person, a stick, a face or a smiley icon, for me, are basically, the hardest activities in the world.

Back then, when my sister asked me to draw a cat, I came up with a mouse; when my daughter asked me to draw a cow, I came up with an alien; when I wanted to sketch a laughing icon,  I came up with a sad one — you know things like that… Some people would shrug shoulders because it’s not an issue.  Some would say, it’s okay to let me feel good.  Some would laugh…  And what’s worst is those who asked me to do it cried.  Sorry, but I tried my best.    I didn’t want to destroy the projects, but I thought I could give a  try; and it turned out to be a waste of materials.  Cry!  It is a fact, I couldn’t draw. That is okay.  So I just write.  God knows best what is good for everyone!MARCO SEPT 2014


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