The Number In Our Lives

People are born with a number. They die with a number. The three most important events in the life of a person is marked by a number: birth, death, and marriage and/or single blessedness vow. In these points, no one can choose which number to get. It is a gift. But what we could choose from these three most important events in life is a special number in marriage/anniversary. In marriage, everybody is given a choice. The choice must be of love, and that means it must serve a family or a community.

Also, card has numbers. Lottery has numbers. Age are numbers. There is mathematics and statistics in life and in business. There are stocks and the stock market. No one can get away from the basics of Math: add, divide, multiply, subtract.

“What’s your address?” You have a house number. “What’s your phone number?” And your phone rings, when the numbers are dialed. You have identification numbers and ATM pins. We count.

Let us see what these number word means:

1. monastery – a residence of monks; A monk from “monachus,” is one who is originally retired from the world for religious meditation.

2. binary – A binary consists of 2 things in parts.

3. triptych – is a picture or carving in three compartments, and can be ” a 3-part picture.”

4. four – Four was venerated by the follower of Pythagoras as the first square after one. It has also been considered sacred because of the ancient elements: earth, air, water, and fire. It forms cardinal points; quadra.

5. quintessence – is “the fifth essence; They also mean the highest essence because in ancient medieval philosophy, there was a thought to be a fifth or higher essence above air, earth, water and fire; 500 or short for 1,500 is used to mean the sixteenth century, especially in art and literature.

6. semester – every 6 months; the siesta began therefore at noon; an afternoon nap or break from the day’s routine is derived via Spanish and Latin. The phrase “sexta hora” refers to the 6th hour after sunrise.

7. seven – seven days a week; a number which had symbolic, mystic character.

8. eight – Eight is the number of justice; Lucky 8 for Chinese because the writing stroke ends with pen pointing up; an octagon is an eight sided plane figure.

9. nine – “Cats have nine lives.” November; A novena is a nine day period of devotion.

10. Ten – considered a perfect number. Man has ten fingers, ten toes. A decade is a period of 10 years, or any group of ten.

Rosalinda Flores – Martinez

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