For Good Workers: Generosity

It is sad to hear from some people who works well, that they aren’t paid justly. Still there are others who could not get approved reimbursements, and refund paid contributions.

Some private entities (big or small) aren’t giving what is due to Caesar. The management makes up all sorts of reasons till the hand-to-mouth employee silently leaves, after the company has sucked their honest efforts of work.

If so in bankruptcy be transparent and settle for considerations. Usually, these situations happen to teachers in private centers, employees from agencies, cargo handlers, and temporary workers, among others. Why can’t they get their just pay (professionals and experienced)?

On the other hand, there are also workers who complain a lot like some cab drivers harassing passengers, to get “some plus amount” because they say that the route’s quite far, or there is traffic. Why can’t they wait for the passenger to add in his/her initiative? Or he could tell his deals before the passenger rides the taxi not during the ride, so the passenger could think freely.

Also, there are people in line with domestic jobs asking for a lot of pay (more than fair enough), not thinking they are lucky enough than the others in the business hub, commuting everyday, but being paid less.

Truly, the unfairness of things! The world is full of trickery, complaints, and grave deceit. Why couldn’t we make it easier for each other to progress and just work together fairly? The taste of money, honestly and hardly earned is the sweetest, as the payment of money fairly given for work is pure kindness and an act of justice. Generosity in any angle is sharing, and a big effort of sacrifice for the giver (in any way, money or talents).

Tips: For Employers and Employees

1. Be generous with time and rewards.

Some people count a lot. Time is man’s basic resource. It has to be paid well. It has to be consumed well. It has to be used with meaning and sense.

2. Be generous with service.

Work the extra mile as to Og Mandino’s scroll of success. Good service can never be quantified. Both the giver and the receiver are happy and fulfilled. To serve and help each other is a vocation in life and could be applied in any field of endeavour.

3. Be generous with love.

If you work with charity in your heart, work will be easy and light. Business and duties will be peacefully accomplished, and workplaces will be like families. The acceptance of each colleague or co-worker is helpful to all, as admonishing each other can be done easily with respect.

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