Metal Sculptures in Anza Borrego Part I

The Sophomore Slump

I was OMG! Oh My Gravy! I was expecting this. I wanted to see these sculptures for a long time. I just didn’t expect how astonishing seeing it in person.


The Sophomore Slump Recommends

Movie: High Fidelity – Music Elitist? What is your All-time Top Five? Er… Maybe High Fidelity might make it to my all time Top Five music-related movies. Laura, Laura, Laura, the name resonates my head watching this movie. The performance was a sweet surprise at the end of the movie. 😉 The soundtrack are thumbs up too.

Music: Tom McRae by Tom McRae – Top Five Albums of 00’s? I consider this self-titled album as one of it! Deep, dark, and beautiful. This singer-songwriter has the voice, eloquence, tune, and emotion. A true praise-worthy album. I bought my copy for 50 cents.

Here he is with Sao Paolo Rain


I went straight to Park Center and immediately was…

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