Union Station in LA / Unstoppable

The Sophomore Slump


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I’m infected. I am cursed! I am held captive by this powerful force.


The change of seasons, heat of passion, the cry of a baby upon entering this world. Something in me I cannot control.


I become invisible. I become free. I am a moving train. Unstoppable. No. Nobody. Nothing can just stop me.


Avoidance will only weaken me. Try tying me up in shackles and chains, but this raging urge will sum up all the strength to let me be.


Hyper. Caffienated. Androgenic. High-strung. Heated. Battery always in full charge. I am  …….. on fi—re!


Hercules. Superman. Goliath. Jessica Alba. No. All they can do is delay me. Nothing more, nothing less.


No drug can cure this disease. No shrink can fix this madness. No amount of electrity can measure up to this energy that is coursing through my veins.


And when…

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