DIY: How to make a keychain and a parachute bracelet with buckle

The Sophomore Slump

Don’t be alarmed. You are still viewing The Sophomore Slump 2.

This next Special post is a tad more advance instruction from the first part of making a parachute bracelet I made before. We will use the same weaving pattern that I used on that post, which is called the cobra weave. You can still catch up on how to do that because I will touch up on it but not as elaborate as the first part.

Here is all that you need to make a parachute bracelet and a keychain.


Lesson 1: Parachute Bracelet with buckle

I’ll show you the end result so it is easier to visualize.


Alright, the first part we did was one color. This time, we’ll make it a tad advance and do two colors.

1. Cut the two color chords evenly. Cut it about 2 arm and a half arm lengths. Maybe that’s too…

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