Prayer: Sets of Tens

Praying is an act of humility and faith.  It warms the soul, heals the heart and calms the body. As the Holy Spirit comes, during prayer, you will feel a centered concentration, pureness and joy in the heart.  For a while, you are lost in a mode of bliss and acceptance of all things mortal, or you see through everything mundane becoming beautiful!  “Jesus, forgive me, for I have sinned.  I love you.”

From the start, we have known about the ten Hail Mary’s from the Blessed Virgin’s Rosary, depicting the life of Jesus.  Also, these sets of ten beads are prayed on the Divine Mercy chaplet, the Holy Infant of Prague, and some prayers for the faithful departed.  In other cases, ten rosary beads are prayed with ten Our Father or ten Glory Be.  There is a wide showcase of prayers as the heart can speak, to the nth time, in life, in death and until forever.  There is no end talking with God.  Prayers are eternal.

Often, I was told, mostly by boys or busy people that they could not memorize the rosary because it is quite long.  I advised them that they could always read a guide book or pray in sets of tens, like ten Hail Mary, ten Our Father, or ten Glory Be.  It will comfort the heart in sleep, in waking, during a journey, in sickness, in fear, in troubles, in excitement or in love (aside from personal prayers).  It is just so grand!

We have requested friends, family and nuns for prayers.  We have asked priests.  “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I will be there in the midst of them.”  Sincerity in prayer is a pact between hearts.  It is like blood flowing in mortal bodies merging souls.  It is like clouds shifting and moving in God’s glory.  “How do I love thee, let me count thy ways.”  That, we address to the Holy One.

During a wake, we see people just being there, perhaps sitting in one corner, just there praying. There is humility in the act of silence, a wisdom taught by elders we don’t understand in youthful years.  In the passing of time, we vividly see how precious life is and was, trying to live it joyfully asking God.

Praying is an act of humility and faith.  Of course, we can pray is sets of tens.  Ten is a perfect number.












  1. What would a repeating of words mean or help when people should know that God does not like such repetitious words. So why do you advise people going about ten Hail Mary’s from the “Blessed Virgin’s Rosary” which is already an abomination in the eyes of the Most High Who wants that people only worship Him. You know that Jesus has given a model prayer, for in case people would know how to pray with their own words or would have forgotten that the Bible offers enough other prayers. You know yourself that “there is a wide showcase of prayers as the heart can speak,” so people should better use those words and pray to god the father in the name of Jesus.


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