Reflections (Part II): Sayonara Japan

The Sophomore Slump

I’m just going to mumble and jumble around on my reflections out of my stay in Okinawa.

1. It’s a small world after all.

The world is  big. There I was, landed in Okinawa, a very small part of Japan. And Japan, not in the slightest, has a very unique culture. One of their great attributes is really the fact that their traditions are still in tact. It’s incredible. Even I cannot compare that to my own motherland. It makes me realize though that if you take a moment, even just a minute, to know someone who is far different from you, you will eventually find similarity, a common ground. That despite differences, we are all the same. That’s a contradictory statement but that’s what I got when I talked to this two friendly Japanese girls.


They were the one who approached me. I tried my best to understand what they were saying. They were scribbling…

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