Department of Unthinkable Products: A Nokia Android Phone


The Verge — a site which isn’t known for getting giddy over unsubstantiated rumors — has a report up by Tom Warren about a doozy of an unannounced product. It’s a Nokia phone code-named “Normandy,” and the part that’s startling is its operating system: a custom version of Android.

The reason that this is surprising, of course, is that Nokia bet its entire smartphone future on Microsoft’s Windows Phone almost three years ago, and its device group is now well on its way to becoming part of Microsoft. The notion that Nokia is or has recently been building a handset using Google’s Android is a bit of a mindbender — and any scenario involving the company doing so once it’s part of Microsoft seems pretty much unthinkable.

(O.K., I’d like to cleverly explain why a Microsoft phone running Android makes sense for Microsoft, or feels like something Microsoft would…

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