How To Prioritize Work: Five Techniques

Every day when you wake up, work greets you. There is no greater pleasure than waking up at dawn and thanking God for all the things you could do. Get motivated with faith and purpose in your work to help your progress.

How would you prioritize work? Here are tips:

1. Make a list. Set deadlines.

In the evening, list down what you would do the next day. Sometimes, even small duties have to be listed so you won’t forget them. The next day, act! Do your schedule and that which is necessary. Later in the afternoon, check what you have accomplished and finish what you still have to do. Produce results and make attempts. Those you can’t do on the list for that day have to be listed down again for the next morrow until it’s done.

2. Make initiatives or go the extra mile.

Make initiatives or go the extra mile. Many people are afraid to accept responsibilities. They would rather not do something, but just wait. That is wrong. An initiative to try new things, share some help, and ask for more work without payment is going the extra mile.

There was a time when I asked for an extra wrap for the stuff I bought in a mall. The sales assistant said, “I am sorry, we can’t give an extra paper bag/plastic bag. If you want, we can ask from the boss.”

I answered “No. How selfish you are with one piece of bag for my stuff. Why can’t you give an extra for a good customer and make it convenient for the shoppers? Can’t you decide on one extra paper bag that you still have to wait for your boss? ” In the end, I returned what I bought.

3. Do not be afraid to decide. Be responsible with your decision.

Making decisions is crucial, however if it is needed, you have to decide to make things done. You don’t have to wait for your boss or your worker, if you are there at that place and time and something has to be done; you have to act!

Making decisions are important. And above eighteen, small decisions are needed in work places to fulfill big and small duties.

4. Focus on accomplishing small assignments. This will be part of your greater goals.

How can you be trusted with bigger duties if you can’t fulfill small duties? How can you be entrusted with bigger amounts if you can’t be trusted with cents? Know the parable of the talents.

5. Trust Divine Power.

Pray for common sense and wisdom from the Holy Spirit to guide you every new day. Even the Angel of God prayer (for kids) works for adults. This will put you in the right track.

Under all circumstances do that which you believe to be right. Be happy in service, and everything else will follow. Trust the laws of God!


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