Fresh-firecoal Chestnut-falls and Finches’ Wings: In Praise of Diversity


Field Notes From Fatherhood

chermoyaI give you the humble cherimoya. I’d seen them before occasionally, but until we moved to Spain I’d never tried one. It’s a fruit, you know, about the size of a large orange, green-skinned but a creamy, custardy-white on the inside – the other common name is ‘custard apple.’ The taste is somewhere between a pear, a banana, and generic tropical-fruitiness, and they’re delicious.

It’s rare that I come upon an entirely new food, and it makes me wonder what else is out there that I’ve been missing. A stroll around a Costa Rican market will tell me – a lot. Just the mangoes come in 5 or 6 different shapes, sizes and colors. There are untold numbers of amazing foods I’ve never even seen, and that most people will never experience.

Tell me – how many varieties of apples are available in your local supermarket? A half dozen, probably…

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