Father Joe DIzon. Servant of the Poor

Jonathan Flores

This Vet Day, we remember our parish priest Fr. Terry who served this country before he became a health care worker, like Grace & me, and eventually a priest. He was building our new parish when he passed away last week.

Over in the Phils, aside from our thoughts for the victims of the typhoon in the south, we also remember Fr. Joe Dizon. Father Joe, whom we fondly called Padz, also passed away last week at the Nat’l Kidney Institute of the Phils (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/518985/active-priest-in-critical-condition), where I first worked as a nurse. Padz was our 1st priest in the subdivision where I grew up. He was there for us, especially for my mom when she became a widow at 35, and I was just 10 yrs old. Despite his busy schedule working for the plight of the poor, workers, and freedom, he accepted my invitation to give a pro bono talk at De La Salle when I was an officer of the scholar’s society, back in college. Then, on Christmas day, 19 years ago, he was one of the 3 priests who celebrated my matrimony to Grace. He did this after already holding 3 masses on that busy holy day. And of course, he was there for me and my siblings again when mom passed away 3 yrs ago. 

I respect both of these men, not only because they’re priests, but were also “family men” who raised adopted children. Most of all, they are builders of community who walked the talked and knew that it takes a village…



/posted by rosevoc2. november 2013


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