Getting Rid of Stage Fright

You are thinking, “I can’t do it.”

Your friend says, “Go on. You can do it! You can do it!”

You walk to the room, to and fro, wring your handkerchief, or suck your pen. You perspire. You become very conscious of what people would say.

Are you frightened?

Says Tom Landry, “Leadership is having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you’re in control, they’re in control.” This is similar to stage fright; hence, love the crowd!

Loving the crowd will make you at ease dealing with them. You will see their eagerness to get something valuable from what you will deliver. You will understand how they would react to what you will say or do on stage, whether it will be positive or negative. Fulfilling your duty while you are on stage is what matters.

During presentations, bring with you an outline of your talk in hard copy. Don’t be ashamed of such act, because no memory is perfect. A list is an important reminder. Be ready to acquire a sense of humor, which means prepare throwing good jokes. Build an aura of confidence, which means read an update before the talk and pray for grace. Most of all, put yourself in an act of empathy, which means understanding your audience or the crowd. They are watching you. They are listening. You need to nourish their need. Know you can’t satisfy all, but in a way, you will make a difference that day. Seize that day!

Love the crowd, but don’t assume that others want to be treated the way you do. Observe your intended receivers, assess their personalities, their value system, their information processing styles and the structure your communication so that it reaches them at their level. ESL teachers are best at this. Make your point in the way you could create kinship when you present on stage or take the floor.

Check the following tips.

Be prepared with your talk, act or presentation. Preparation builds confidence with empathy when asked by the crowd, because your intention would be to share something.

Keep in your thought that you are onstage because you have to do a task.

The crowd is listening. They would love information, updates, entertainment and wisdom.

In anyway, impose good values. Your aim is to build progress.

So what are you frightened about? You are Maximus! You are a rock star! You are Socrates! If your deed is noble, you will succeed. Love the crowd. They will love you back.

“Don’t be afraid,” Jesus Christ told his disciples.


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