Novena To Our Virgen



Act of Contrition 

My Lord, Jesus Christ, true God and true man, in whom I believe, in whom I hope, in whom I love above all things, I am deeply sorry for having offended You, because you are the infinite goodness. And thru the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary, whom I would like to honor all the days of my life, but most particularly during this novena which I dedicate to the glory of her most holy name, I promise never more to offend You with the help of Your divie grace, AMEN. 

Virgin of Penafrancia, pray for us 

O most lovable Queen and Mother Mary, whose sweet name gladdens the heavens, console the earth and daunt hell! O peerless greatness granted to You by Him who is omnipotent, that all might share in the benefits of the plentitude, namely: the sick their cure; the sorrowful their consolation; the sinners their forgiveness; the angels their joy; and the blessed Trinity untold glory! I have recourse in this novena to you as Armour of my defense, as a medicine for my health, as a consolation for my grief, as an effective relief for my burdens, as help unto the remission of my sins and as a universal remedy for all my need. Therefore I beseech You time and again and frequently repeat these sweet words:

Virgin of Penafrancia, pray for us (3x)

May I receive from your mercy and benevolence a participation in the benign influence of your name and may I become one of your most faithful children, so that living always under this precious protection, may I be granted the special intention of this novena, if it be for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of my soul. AMEN.
Virgin of Penafrancia, pray for us

Prayers and Hail Mary’s

Hail Mary … M – other, most beloved, in all the occasions of my life remember me, miserable sinner.
Hail Mary … A – queduct of divine graces, grant me abundant tears toward the forgiveness of my sins. 
Hail Mary… R – oyal Queen of heaven and earth be my help and defense against the assaults of my enemies.
Hail Mary … I – llustrious and beloved daughter of Joaquin and Anna, pray to your divine Son to grant me the graces I need for my salvation. 
Hail Mary … A – dvocate and refuge of sinners be at my bedside at the hour of my death and open for me the portals of heaven.
Hail Mary… (A short pause follows in which one may ask from Our Lord through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin of Penafrancia, the special grace desired in this Novena. Then the following concluding prayer is said.) 

Concluding for the 1st Day

O sovereign Queen and Mother, Mary, I humbly beseech You, to give me light and knowledge of the noble origin of my soul whose only Creator and Father is God himself, who made it fully capable to enjoy the essence of the Holy Trinity. Make my soul restless amidst the earthly things until it possesses the infinite goodness. Help me, Virgin of Penafrancia, Queen and Mistress, that I may not degenerate from such a noble and sublime origin nor may I tarnish with ingratitude the honor of having a soul like unto God, but on the contrary, that with a generous spirit I may live so as to enjoy the possession of my God and Lord. AMEN.

Concluding for the 2nd Day

Most wise Queen and Mother Mary, I humbly beseech you, oh Virgin of Penafrancia, in your plenitude, have mercy on my ignorance, a consequence of original sin, which allows us to commit errors and to lose the clear insight into our perfections. Grant me enlightenment by your grace in the election of the state of life that I should take, that I may, without odds and difficulties, attain the ultimate end for which I ought to offer all the things of this life: the eternal beatitude, where I may bless and enjoy God for all eternity. AMEN.

Concluding for the 3rd Day

O most fortunate Lady and Blessed Creature Mary, whose most sweet name is, interpreted “God from my lineage”! Through the intercession of your sublime name, I humbly beseech you O Virgin of Penafrancia, to instill in me deep gratitude towards God for the privilege granted to us mortals to become brethren of our Lord and God, who created us to make us live faithful to the Maker of such great mysteries and favors. AMEN.

Concluding for the 4th Day

O most benign Mother Mary, whose most sweet name means “Star of the sea”, You are the most secure refuge of our souls amidst the tempestuous sea of life until we anchor to the shore of glory. I humbly beseech you, O Virgin of Penafrancia, through the intercession of your holy name, protect me from the many pitfalls and abysses of temptations that surround me and that I seek to deviate my steps to the path that leads to heaven. Through the intercession of your holy name, protect me from precipices towards which my passions blindly grope and as a luminous star be my guide that I may not err in such an important voyage towards the eternity that awaits me that I may finally have the pleasure of seeing You in the eternal glory. AMEN.

Concluding for the 5th Day

O most patient and dolorous Mary, I humbly beseech you, O Virgin of Penafrancia, that as it was amidst such bitterness and on the recommendation of Jesus that you willingly adopted us, though sinners, as your sons in the person of John. May your sweet name be so impressed in my heart, as a keepsake of your woes on the summit of Calvary, that I may from time to time think of the high price paid for my redemption and that I may appreciate it deeply, seeing to it that the fruits are not spoiled by my vices. Grant finally that the memory of your sorrows and those of your Holy Son, may give me strength and fortitude to carry willingly the cross the cross of this life that I may afterwards attain felicity and beatitude in the other. AMEN.

Concluding for the 6th Day

O most perfect Queen and Mother Mary, I humbly beseech you, O Virgin of Penafrancia, to make me faithful imitator of our merciful Lord, who makes the sun rise for the good and the wicked, who makes the rain falls for the just and unjust, who does good even to those who do Him evil, that we may likewise tolerate the wrongs of our fellowmen, that we may bear patiently their offenses, wishing them the salvation of their souls, that the Lord may also have compassion on me, forgiving my sins and leading me on the way to eternity where I may bless and enjoy Him forever. AMEN.

Concluding for the 7th Day

O most gracious Queen and Lady, I humbly beseech you, O Virgin of Penafrancia, to stretch them out mercifully to give me all the graces that I need to fulfill the obligations of the state of life that I have chosen, that I may live pleasing to the eyes of God. Pray most merciful patroness, for all your children but in a special manner, for me the most unworthy of them all. Help me, o lovable Mother, to atone for all my sins and to have the courage to confess them all at the foot of the ministers of your holy Son. Make me prefer to lose life rather than the friendship of God and that after death I may bless and enjoy Him with you for all eternity. AMEN.

Concluding for the 8th Day

O sovereign Queen and Lady, Mary, I humbly beseech you, O Virgin of Penafrancia, through the intercession of such a powerful name, to grant me all the temporal graces I need to lead a peaceful life and to spend my day in charitable deeds. Deeply obliged to God for those blessings, may I not use them foolishly in loathsome vanities and mundane pleasures, but rather do good to my neighbors and give honor to that Lord who has destined me for the riches of heaven which I hope to attain through the help of your sublime name. AMEN.

Concluding for the 9th Day

O most lovable Queen and Mother, Mary, whose most sweet name gladdens the heart and consoles the soul in all tribulations, I humbly beseech you, O Virgin of Penafrancia, to instill in those of us who venerate your sacred name which means “hope”, this important theological virtue with which we may strengthen our spirit amidst the innumerable perils in which we live. As strangers in this vale of tears and deprived still of the clear vision of our God and Creator, and confiding in the power of our Lord for whom nothing is impossible in this life, we hope to refrain the impulses of our passions and tread peacefully the path that leads to eternal life, that thus, through piety and devotion, we may attain, after conquering our enemies, the beatitude for which we were created and wherein we shall live eternally grateful to you, to your all powerful intercession. AMEN.

Act of Love to Our Pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary
(Recite five Hail Mary’s and the following prayer)

O sovereign Queen of the Angels, most Holy Virgin of Penafrancia, Mary Most Holy, I ………………………., the greatest of all sinners, prostrate at your feet, humbly offer these five Hail Mary’s with reverence and in honor of the five letters that make ups your most sweet name: MARIA, I beseech you, O lovable Mother to imprint it deeply in my heart, that from now on I may invoke it more frequently and more devotedly than in the past and that I may deserve the choice graces of our Lord. AMEN. 
With my soul thus enriched with the treasure of your love and solicitude, help me to have a peaceful and holy death preceded by a sincere repentance and the worthy reception of the last sacraments. Finally grant me your valuable assistance for which I will be deeply grateful and which I hope to bless you in heaven for all eternity. AMEN.

Virgin of Penafrancia, pray for us (5x)



/Father Jesus Emmanuel Gonzalez obias


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