Final Fantasy XIV Deserves a Better PlayStation 3 Interface


Before we get to my interface bugbears, I’d like to note for the record that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has an exceptional intro video: a slick, re-watchable sequence of armies battling on the scale of Pelennor Fields through a glass Avatar-ly with a twist of Avengers end-extravaganza, as magicians cast not Magic Missile or Meteor Swarm, but that old standby: “Pull down a small moon, like from the sky, then drop it on your opponents like a boss.”

And then the moon cracks open to unleash a cosmic Brobdingnagian dragon, which means everyone out of the pool, Tiamat’s here to party with his pals Galactus and Ragnarok. (Though here they call the dragon a worm, or would it be wyrm? Oh never mind.)

I love gonzo stuff like this. If you’re going to think big, you might as well swing for crazy, too.

That’s me filling the…

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