10 Things to Expect (and Not to Expect) from Apple’s iPhone Announcement


FOLLOW-UP: Apple Unveils More Powerful Fingerprint-Scanning iPhone 5S, Multi-Colored iPhone 5C

You’re here because you’re either a tech enthusiast who skipped reading one of the other 10,000 “What to Expect from Apple’s iPhone Announcement” posts on the Internet today to wait for this one for some reason, or you’re looking for some sort of insight into an event that will be taking place so soon (1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific on Tuesday, September 10) that it’ll render this entire post moot in a hot minute.

Whatever the case, here are some arbitrary predictions about what is and isn’t going to happen at the Apple event — the only given being that they won’t all come true.

Follow along with us live tomorrow and keep score! If you don’t find my writing style abrasive, this could be fun for you; if you do find my writing style abrasive, it’ll be therapeutic to…

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