Tips For Maintaining An Upbeat Attitude

“The secret is faith in God.” I tell this to my students and the children who are around me, to the people I meet, to those who are angered in various questions and reasons. I know, I am just like anyone who can make a difference by making others feel special and beautiful.

Much have been said how to love and share; yet, these are in its raw source and are stale, if not used and acted upon.

Here are some tips:

1. Be honest and try your best to serve in your work. 
2. Have time (bonding time) with family, friends, colleague, and communities you belong to. This will come as to need and other factors. Prioritize needs of children, senior citizens, the sick, and work. 
3. Have time for yourself and be healthy. 
4. If you help others, don’t wait for payment. 
5. Don’t please anyone. 
6. Forgive people their wrong, and accept their incapacity. 
7. Admonish others kindly to let them understand the good and bad. 
8. Be prudent. 
9. Be considerate of other people 
10. Ask help from family and close friends, in emergency. But don’t abuse their generosity. 
11. Set short range and long range plans. 
12. Watch a movie, or the television with family and friends once in a while. 
13. Eat out. 
14. Visit shrines and reflect. 
15. Share something: talent, money, work, prayer, food, among others. 
16. Make surroundings clean. 
17. Be clean and neat. It is hygiene for all: rich and poor alike. 
18. Pray for others needs. 
19. Make your home peaceful and create a community of God-believing neighborhood. 
20. Be updated and one with the world. 
21. Learn new things everyday. 
22. Be humble and thankful to God all the time. 
23. Live one day at a time, that is success already. 
24. Don’t blame yourself or others in sad situations and/or fate, but try to move forward and help each other rise again for good. 
25. Let God stay in your heart everyday and be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Above are just some tips, anyone has his own way of doing wonderful things. We must try to trust and give others a chance. Think of no malice. But of course, be wary and overtake bad guys. God sees the wicked. Know that there is proper time for everything and if we obey God’s will and love others, everything will work our together for good. God makes surprises. Let us live life with meaning and be happy with all that we love! Having good values in life, working in love, and respecting people will bring progress for all the world. God wouldn’t leave you. Don’t worry, be happy!


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