The Road To Leka, Samos Island, Greece

Thanks. A blessed day!

A Word in Your Ear


Leka is a small village above Paleo Karvolossi.  There is an excellent walk that some of my friends do most years and I decided to join them for this one.   Although it would be quicker to start from the house, it would cut out many of the reasons that this walk is so special, so we took the longer circular route which starts at the beach and takes about 3 -4 hours (including a pit stop for coffee) thus ending back at the house for a well deserved breakfast.

As soon as we left the beach and headed upward the road deteriorated into a potholed and rutted track.  Climbing steadily on one side of the gully we passed the castle and looked back at the spectacular views of Potami.


The path took us by shaded forests, mountain streams, remote cottages, a bare-faced mountain, regimented bee hives and small rotund…

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