Superior, by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu

I like Superman!

Blogging for a Good Book

superiorMany kids have a favorite superhero that they look up to. Twelve-year old Simon loves Superior, a Superman-like immortal superhero with x-ray vision, super hearing, and freeze breath, not to mention immense strength and the ability to fly. In short, he is a perfect physical being, quite unlike Simon himself. Previously a healthy and talented basketball player, Simon was struck down with multiple sclerosis, losing the ability to walk and suffering attacks that leave him barely able to speak. He slowly lost all his former friends except for one, Chris, who makes sure to come with Simon to the movies once a week. Other than his trips with Chris, Simon lives like a turtle tucked into his shell, saddened and frustrated by his physical helplessness.

One night, Simon is visited by a monkey named Ormon, who grants him his biggest wish and changes him into a real-live Superior. Ormon assures…

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