A Word A Week Challenge: Orange

A Word in Your Ear

Making the decision to travel for an extended period of time is not easy unless; you’re bored with your job, have fallen out with all your friends and relatives and won’t miss them, don’t have a huge mortgage so renting  out will more than cover the costs, can’t stand living where you are currently based, or have a great job that allows you to travel.   I have at some point experienced some of the afore-mentioned and can throw in a boyfriend that lived in Australia while I was in the UK for good measure.   The actual “I want to travel” statement is the simple part  – it’s having the courage give up your large security blanket in the shape house, job, pension, private health insurance, social networks, car etc and take one huge step for yourself into the unknown.   

I have found that long term travellers tend to fall into…

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