A Prayer: An Act of Contrition

Learning to Confess Your Sins

“A confession can be too humiliating,” says one middle-aged executive. We have to understand that a confession is an act of expressing some problems to God, and that in this trial and grief, we ask for forgiveness and mercy.

God is one Father who loves us, even at times we disobey Him, He will have us and hug us tightly again. (Bible, The Prodigal Son)

Confession Tips:

1. Put in your heart at any time that we all sin and we have to ask for “a sorry.” It’s just like asking for forgiveness from our parent, friend, brother, or sister.

2. Put in your heart at any time that we aim for a change everyday – for the good.

3. Put in your heart that you will try not to sin again, even how little. But at times you fail – remember God’s word: “All things will work out together for good for those who love God and obey His laws.

4. Make little acts of kindness and little acts of sacrifice without boasting to anyone.

5. Have a secret pact with God. Remember He sees you all the time and He will not leave you till your last breath. You are not alone.

6. Don’t feel shy or nervous, consider a confession as a meeting with a good friend, the priest. This is free. The priest will pray for you.

7. Try to read or say a prayer before a confession. Ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

8. Read and / or say a prayer after confession. Thank Jesus and Mama Mary, and commit your life to serve God and others. Good works are forms of service and love.

Sins separate us from each other. When sins attack, one feels unkind, unforgiving, and selfish. When sins come, one is boastful of who and what he is, or one can lurk in immaturity.

However, we can be angry, but sin not. This is through admonishing with a good intention, being concerned for the majority of the oppressed ( in any situation), and sharing without malice. A good conscience is prodded and guided by the Holy Spirit.


Moreover, everyday and everywhere, at all times we can confess to our Father God.

We can do this in prayer. A deep humble prayer is a conversation with God. Truly, God sees our hearts and washes it as white as snow.

You may also pray this prayer before confession to a priest, or pray on you own everyday.

Act of Contrition

O my God,
I am heartily sorry for having offended you.
And I detest all my sins,
because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.
But most of all, because I offended you, my God,
who are all good and deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace
to confess my sins, to do penance,
and to amend my life, amen.

Jesus, please forgive me, God please forgive us all.






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