Colors: Painted Texts

Maybe, red ocher is the color of
Theology. Or blue as your shirt and
boots. Down rolls a canary wing
draping a stage, like curtains between

now and tomorrow. Your kiss is my
benevolent utopia, down my navel,
a sting like mint, and mine is pressed
pink between your loins. We are full

of love. Our ferry cannot drown, it rows
dancing suns, shafts of untarnished twilight
and a rainbow after bliss of drizzle.
Love gathers – dug in generations of

transient hues. “I miss you badly!” I send
on my phone, “I miz you.” Nights leave me
cold without your thighs and more empty
pillows. I drift to where you are, where acres

of trees grow clad in silver and gold
nectar, whites and orange. My words peak
glints of white light, a purple book etched by
Ratzinger, shades of dear ones, halos of

Saints and martyrs, fireworks of elusive
time blazing fire and tongues, reeling
constellations of roses and amazons,
bulk of history flourishing bright green.

Our ancestor’s sturdy night graves’ watch
over, as black bulls of science must obey.
I wait along pavements of fourteen stations;
I wait along trails of skulls, in Nazareth.

I wait down fields of earth, on blessed
mountains, on a plinth, only the angels see.
Our hearts wondrous adventures whisper a
prayer, placid then shifting a brilliant crimson

etched on sky above. Have you ever thought
my smiles are memories of your colors?

Have you ever thought my nights and days
are shades of you? Hearts of red, God paints
blood; bleeding drops of red, brush in me
One Sacred Heart – brush in me.! Brush in me

that immortal color of Him. In the red ocher
temple, I stay. Don’t delay, please… Be home soon.

“Kirye eleison. Kirye eleison.
Christi eleison. Christe eleison.
Kirye eleison. Kirye eleison.”

“I miz you badly!
I really, really miz you!”
Sends my message, paints my heart.
“Luv u, baby!”

Rosevoc2 on March 21, 2013. 2:30pm, my time

/for vocations
/ you, dear one


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