How GOD Gives Us Strength

We are all wondering how God gives us strength. Maybe we’re all just too busy to discover this super power within us – when all that we can do is nothing, but call to him for help.

1. Your eyes were asking Him, “God what would I do?” Tears come out slowly and you could not utter any word. Suddenly you feel strong after you’ve cried, then you know what to do next.

2. Scream “GOD, my GOD,” if sometimes – near open fields or seashore, or in the temple. Kneel and kiss the ground. Put all your weight into the ground. It will carry your burden and you will stand like a bull.

3. Just close your eyes. It doesn’t matter who would look. The Holy Spirit would come and you will feel comforted.

4. Pray unceasingly, as often as you could. Keep your thoughts on God’s love for you and others.

5. Ask and give thanks. The Lord will never abandon anyone. If the birds are precious to Him, what more of us/you who are His child. Remember that “All things work out together for good for those who love God and obey His laws. (from the Bible)”

6. Empty yourself. Know you are special in God’s eyes, and no material stuff or desire in this world would pull you away from Him. God is your ONLY strength, if you have nothing to depend on, not even your wealth, the hollow ground will be full. You will be strong in Jesus!

7. Never curse anyone, but pray for your enemies. A clean heart, God will never abandon. He will rule that heart with power no one could ever explain. The power of love is very strong and without malice.

8. Ask for forgiveness, and weep for mercy. Do acts of kindness, and offer compassion, sacrifices, obedience to the will of God and do service. God will always hug you and protect you from harm. You will need nothing but His arms to cover your body and carry it to heaven when you die.

9. Believe and have big faith in Jesus Christ. God will never abandon those who call to him for help. This faith will make you an example of how God works in your life and how God takes care of you and your dreams.

10. Don’t worry too much. Know that God the Almighty Father is the only one to fear… and if you love your friends and family, he will take care of them for you.

God will make you strong, because He loves you so much, and He will never fail.

rose flores – martinez

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