A Prayer

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Sacred Heart Prayer3

Prayer for all time

And/or Benediction


O Jesus who are about to give Your blessing to us all
Who are here assembled
We humbly bessech you that
It may impart to each and all of us
The special grace we need.
But more than this we ask: let your blessing go far and wide.

Let it be selft in the shouls of the afflicted who cannot
Come here to receive it at Your feet
Let the weak and templted feel its power
Whereeer they maybe
Let the poor sinner feet its influlce,
Arousing him to come to You.

Let it cross the seas and animate and comfort
The missionary far away
From home and breahtern and toling for the
Love of souls so dear to Your Sacred Heart
We humbly beg Your blessing
For (mention the name of the person for who you ask the blessing),

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