Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI

Today, When I saw your face, I felt God so near

And my tears slowly make me human

Distant prudence, so insensitive

Makes me a melted wax without scent

Everytime, I come to this state

Your face greets me like an angel

If only, I could touch your face
And tell you about the moon and stars.

I want to tell you stories
Lie in your bed
And sleep, next to you
I want to complain
Or ask for something, just like
a little child.

I want you to tell me, the name of stars
and about the rockets.

Teach me more about the love of Jesus and
the Pope’s vocation.

I dream of seeing you, face to face.

I saw Blessed John Paul, when he came
to the Philippines.

I dream going there, where you are.

Happy birthday, Pope Benedict XV1!

Blessed John Paul, pray for us.

Mama Mary, pray for us.

Send O Lord, holy workers into Your church.

Love in St. Hannibal,


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