A Prayer / Rogationist Seminary College, Manila

Prayer For The 125th Anniversary Of The First Coming Of The Lord To All Our Institute (Version 4.1)

O Most Holy Trinity,
we praise and thank you
for Your abiding presence,
in our Institute.

Provident God, our father,
You consecrated the humble beginnings
of our small caravan
with the first dwelling of our Eucharistic Lord.
Keep us mindful of Your mercy
that your kindness may be known by all.
Blessed by Your providence, we remember with faith,

Compassionate Jesus, our Intimate and Real
You renew in us each day
Your promise and gift of the Rogate
From your Most Sacred Heart
through Your mystical presence in the Eucharist.
Keep us loving
that your compassion
may shine forth in our communities.
Broken for our salvation, we celebrate Your love.
Life-Giving Lord, the Holy Spirit,
You uplift the lives of the needy,
the children and the abandoned
through the service of good and holy laborers
nourished in the Eucharist.
Keep us hopeful
that your lasting peace
may remain in us forever.
Shared for our sanctification, we serve with hope.

Mary, our Lady of the Rogate,
we implore you to help us
remember, celebrate and share
the presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed
with your thoughtful, prayer and joyful

May we become zealous
And simple servants of the Rogate
committed in the adoration of the Eucharist
In the footsteps of St. Hannibal Mary
through Jesus Christ,
the Master of the Harvest,
who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit
forever and ever . Amen.

The Rogationist Seminary College, Manila
Posted by rosevoc2. March 27. 2012


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