Learning How To Fly by Sam Keen

Life is fun when it soars. There is freedom when like a bird, it flies so high.


Everyone loves that magic stuff, so that is why fairy tale stories endure like a circus of fun and clowns, a program of wonder, an enchantment stint, a flying bird from scarves, and of course, that trapeze act that brings dazzle.

The trapeze act is usually swinging and flying. Those stints often pass quickly, but they are dangerous. The performers are skilled. The presentation they offer the audience, bring excitement and wonder because everyone is amazed of flying stints. It is like magic and defying gravity.

From the book “Learning to Fly” by Sam Keen, the author discovers “Death prompts to play it safe and life prompts to risk it.”

“What will I risk to stay alive?”

Flying in life is the zeal that comes from within. Things can be achieved. How these airplanes, rockets and jets evolved from papers, the work of trapeze performers is also a mystery of union and exploration. The soul forgets gravity.

“I like all who inhabit the mystery of fleeting time is a bird that flies from the darkness into a brightly lit room and back into darkness. I know I may never reach the arm of the catcher. I may never know the perfection of unconditional love and acceptance, but I leap again and again into the void with reaching arms. I am sustained by hope.”

The book of Keen is a memoir that stretches out muscles, passion and a reminder of letting go. It draws vivid pictures about life and how to discover the many offerings of everyday events. People in different ages (from nine to ninety-nine) must continue to surge and realize that one of best times is always now.


Moreover, in the novel of Sara Gruen in the movie “Water for Elephants” (Reese W. as Marlena, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz, directed by Francis Lawrence), Marlena stars a spectacular show on earth dancing on air and with Rosie, the elephant. The facade of Marlena’s beautiful face becomes a mystery of a vision that most art speaks about.

“The performance within the flying theater invites us to remember that we are creatures of earth and air. We are all animated by an insistent urge to transcend our limits and to rise up on the wings of hope.”

Learning to Fly by Sam Keen is published by Broadway Books. Broadway Books is a division of Random House, Inc.

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