By God’s Grace

When I was in high school, some of us were given free small bible copies. And because we were in a State college, we only got to celebrate a few masses in school during the week. If we were lucky, we went to where the mass would be celebrated because we didn’t have a built-in chapel or a prayer room at that time.

The bibles were given to us by Protestants. Yes, they were Christians. I thank them for such a gift. My Catholic religion also offered me a lot of prayer books and some story books. My mother bought us a lot of inspirational materials. My favourite was the comic stories of saints published by St. Paul’s. The pictures and drawings were attractive, which made me read it more.

In my college years, during some weekends we had bible sharing activities with a priest and a brother in our parish named, “Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.”

Also, I attended some bible sharing sessions with my protestant classmates. I was welcomed in their church. I guess I’m a bit lucky, or would I say it was by God’s grace that I met these nice people.

I even had Muslim friends. Our religions didn’t stop us from keeping each other and remain good friends. We respected and helped each other. Maybe, that was how I saw the Almighty in his different clothes and faces.

I read five or ten chapters of the bible, a day. The stories thrilled me. Of course, I did not understand everything. I just kept on reading it. I read the themes I desired. Later, I finished the whole book for the very first time. I regarded it as sets of simple stories like finishing a book assignment. Maybe, the Holy Spirit guided my lack of knowledge. Moreover, I felt entertained.

When I got married, I gave a bible gift to my husband. The title was “The Way,” an illustrated Catholic edition. It became our bible in our small home. During my spare time (since I’ve been a housekeeper for many years), it helped me enjoy the boring routine of chores. It served as my teacher in the house, mentoring my thoughts. Again, I read five to ten chapters a day. I highlighted words, phrases, paragraphs in yellow (crayon or highlighter) until I finished reading everything, for the second time. I haven’t memorized or remembered the facts though, but then, I guess He put the words in me out of grace and love. It was the prayer to the Holy Spirit that sufficed my little brain. The intellect didn’t bother me while reading it. I knew my limitations as a common reader. It was evident I was not into a religious life and a master in Bible studies. However, I contained which I could only understand and daily apply in my family life and as a God’s child.

Now, I’m trying the prayer prompts in the Psalms. I’m not into anything, just praying then. I didn’t even realize I would be writing these prompts. But then again, I was able to write these little prayers from the heart, by God’s grace.

Here’s a list of lessons so common, yet deep, thriving thoughts of light in everyday encounters with life:

  • God will give us what we want and what we can share to others.
  • We have to wait patiently and act courageously through the bumpy roads of life.
  • We have to accept what comes to us, trusting an Almighty Creator.
  • He will supply our needs.
  • God is our refuge.
  • All things will work our together for good for those who love God and obey his laws.
  • The greatest of everything and anything is love.
  • Jesus saves.
  • He is our refuge all the time, so we don’t have to be afraid.
  • We are his children; love is eternal.

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