Thoughts on Love, Marriage and Friendship

“Given a measure of good will and an openness to God, there is reason to believe that if one fails, he will not fail forever; if one is hurt, he will heal.” Albert Nimeth

In my early college years, I met this seminarian on a bus. I couldn’t remember how we crossed paths and how we became best of friends. He gave me two books, which I didn’t ask for: one was about friendship and the other, about love. The first book told a lot of insights about how to be a real friend. After I’ve read it, I gave it as a gift to another good friend. That sort of passing the blessings, indeed, helped my circle of friends. It seemed a chain of happy and informed young people for God. At first, I thought it was over- reacting, but it wasn’t. For God, there was no more and no less. What spoke to us, was the heart.

Thoughts on Real Friendship:

Set your friends free.

True friends never fade away. Even after years of separation, they will come back to you, with that same feeling of good times together.

Don’t dig graves. Accept each other, but give warning.

Friends are like grains of sand on your palm. Get tight, and they will drop. Let loose, and they will just remain in your hands; sober and trusting.

Friendship is a gift from heaven. It is a family and community you create and choose. It gives you the freedom to give unselfishly and the freedom to receive abundantly in big and small ways of grace.

The second book that Garold gave me was entitled “Of course, I love You” by Albert J. Nimeth, OFM.

The copyright was in 1973 by Franciscan Herald Press. That time, I could remember, it sold many copies and everyone was talking about it.

I did not drop the book. It stayed with me. When I got married I read it again and again. The words were plain, but it applied daily reminding how to face the challenges of a married life.

Thoughts on Marriage:

Marriage has no conditions.

It is completely a vow to love each other.

The husband and the wife must endure the imperfection of each other.

Both must be ready to stand strong for the family or household they will be creating.

The duty of a married life is for the children, for the community, and to GOD.

The pattern of how a married couple (the husband and wife) lives together, must serve to be an inspiration that becomes the core of progress.

“Of Course, I Love You,” shows common illustrations open to creative thinking and analysis. A whip of prose and poetry makes it exciting to memorize. The words easily embed in the heart of any reader.

In marriage, Nimeth reminds, “Let us be done with fault finding and be quick to discover the best in every situation.”

Thank you, the book served its purpose.

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