Some Old Wicked Habits

No one is spared of the wicked habits. Often, we are unaware of some bad habits. These bad habits are not corrected unless the big reminders of life tell us, or unless a kind soul gives concern and would unselfishly check on us.

Below are varied situations and some bad habits to become aware of:

1. In front of many people, one church worker asked one brother during a fund raising project “How much did you get?”

Thought: Why would you ask in front of many people? That was rude to ask before the mass. If you are a committee member, you could speak during the meeting or after the mass. Many wondered why you acted like that. Don’t spoil their day.

2. And then one asked me “Did you donate?”

Thought: One can be annoying at that. You were going beyond territories. I could have answered “No.”

To stop the conversation, I just said “Some little amount.”

Why couldn’t you be prudent? That fragrance stinks.

3. Some seniors inside the church kept telling others what to do.

They would say “Go there” or “Come here.”

There’s no sense in these.

Thought: If you cared, so you have to wait to be asked. Could you be more feeling should others need assistance? Often, you let other church goers stumble. We should be good examples to other people.

In poetry, be sparkling inspirations, and not falling bugs to those you meet.

4. Some are very talkative.

Thought: I met a friend. During the mass, she was beside me and she talked a lot. I could not understand why she couldn’t wait until the worship or prayer ends. Why was she rude? Please pay respect to prayer, and others during prayer.

Some Suggestions:

Seminars for church workers.

Thought: Seminars would be helpful. If church workers could attend seminars these would help them. In doing the task of a church worker, please don’t forget the bigger problems. Most of the problems are attitude problems, rooted from good manners and right conduct.

Beware of gossip.

Thought: This should shut the mouth of gossip-mongers. You have to understand that you are in church to serve God, serve the community, and serve the people. You volunteered for a responsibility; therefore, you have to act accordingly and try not to harm others (be careful in speech and actions). A good worker’s duty is to lift others, help God’s flock, and serve in humility.

We all have imperfections. Let us always try to be good workers.

Send O Lord, holy apostles into your church.

Make me a good worker.

Make us good workers, Lord.

rosalinda flores


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