A Beacon


by Charo Eleazar on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 10:40am

Tears rolled in my eyes
And you are clueless it may seem
I tried to burrow the pain deep within
But, it silently leech away my self esteem
I was crashed to the ground and it soothes thru my inner arteries
My life I never know how to defend

It hurts that when I looked at you
Your chin rose too high
I was scared that I know you no more

In broken hearted supplication
I asked God to bless you , that you be spared with these pains
May the happiness you feel now be everlasting

If God would hear all these pleas…
It at least justifies these growing pains ….

But in case, all didn’t work as what you’ve planned and dreamed of …
Always remember that in the abyss of my heart there is…

Thank you, Charo for sharing your poem.

Charo Eleazar was my classmate at PNCHS.

Hail Alma Mater Hail!


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