The Wonders of Teaching

Teaching is sharing knowledge and something good about life. It is giving inspiration to students and how they can be the best of what they are. The teacher is a good example of virtues like righteousness, among others.

Teaching is fun, creative, and fulfilling. It will not make you rich, but it will carve a name in the hearts of your students.

My first teaching job was in the seminary. St. Hannibal was the founder of that congregation.

Later, I was able to teach Japanese kids. They were smart and cute. When I left Japan, Mana (a preschool student) gave me a Japanese flower as a souvenir. I kept the flowers for years. I kept them inside a book. I could not forget the sweetness and the bright eyes of that little girl. She was an illuminating picture in my mind.

The Vietnamese kids were very lovable, too. They were curious and free. Khanh always recited and gave funny and smart answers. Tranh was a diligent little girl. She gave me a small rabbit toy.

I also taught Korean kids. They loved to read stories.

Later, I tutored students from the United States (Filipinos, Americans), while having their vacation here in the Philippines. They carried thick books with them and had a lot of practice sets and book exercises.

They asked me, “Teacher, why do some students don’t carry their bags?”

“Why do they let someone else carry the bags for them?”

“We think that habit is lazy,” they added.

We all laughed. Their thoughts were profound.

I’ve realized adults could also learn from kids.

Kids are angels. You cannot divide them. Their hearts are pure and they stick to the truth and will love to play and listen.

Often, they have short attention span, yet in the moments of learning they share to the class and the teacher insights theories can never teach.

When the teacher tells them to stop, they will stop. When the teacher tells them to study, they will study. They obey. At times they can be naughty, but as the teacher reminds them the good values they act honestly and remember those values by heart.

If you would asked me, “How was it to teach kids of different races?”

My answer: They are all the same. I don’t see the tags or colors they have. I find them all bright and beautiful. They can be wrong at times, but they are humble to ask forgiveness. If you correct them promptly and know that you love and care for them, they will respond with an open heart.

Teach them of God. Teach them of love. Teach them the lessons and don’t forget to point out good manners and right conduct. Share to them the simple virtues of life. Teach how saints, heroes, and leaders succeed and fail. They will understand.

Admonish them kindly, but strongly. Help them to be good and happy. They are angels!

Check the acronyms below:

EFL means English as a Foreign Language.

ESL means English as a Second Language.

ESOL is English for Speakers of Other Languages.

TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TESL is Teaching English as a Second Language.

TESOL is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

TOEFL is Test of English as a Foreign Language.

TOEIC is Test of English for International Communication.

rosalinda flores martine


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