Learning To Be A Mentor For Young Kids

Learning to be a mentor for young kids is tough, so what mother’s and/or parents do is tough. What guardians do and nannies do are tough. What grandma and grandpa’s do are tough. What your kindergarten teacher does is tough.

How do you get this done?

1. You will teach them happily.
2. You will look beautiful, and in ways like them.
3. Don’t scare them.
4. Tell them simple stories with lessons about life.
5. Teach them slowly, but be interesting and fast in discussion.
6. Let them be creative.
7. Say sorry to them, and be humble in your fault.
8. Say thank you for their kind deeds.
9. Teach them how to pray and show kindness to others.
10. Share some food/candies with them.
11. If they had been wrong, tell them to be right next time.
12. Watch children’s films with them.
13. Ask them what lessons and virtues they can remember.
14. Show them what honesty and thoughtfulness means.
15. Give vivid examples about life.
16. Sing with them.
17. Eat with them, and teach them table manners.
18. Let them know the meaning of contentment.
19. Let them count their blessings.
20. Teach them how to work hard and do their homework.
21. Teach them how to clean the classroom and tidy their things.
22. Teach them how to wash their hands, comb their hair, observe good grooming.
23. Let them pray for the people they love, and for the world.
24. Let them know that God is around and loves them.
25. Laugh and cry with them.
26. Be one with them in their hearts, not as a teacher, or mother, or mentor, but because you love them.
27. Teach them respect for elders, and every individual person.
28. Let them ask, and then think.
29. Show them humility, and the joy of sharing.
30. Teach the “Our Father” or any universal prayer.

And there are many more, as to how to mentor young kids. Mentoring young kids is not a “one time, big time deal,” but it goes as kids see life each passing day. Patience is needed. The mentor must learn how to accept the students/ kids as they are, yet inspire them to be better and get to their goals, unselfishly.

Therefore, mentoring young kids must be rooted deeply in character education and a healthy outlook in life. Let the kids know the golden rule. Tell them many happy, challenging and good stories. Love them!


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