You Have Got A Lot

We all have got a lot. We have different gifts.

Though there are only a few, who are materially endowed we don’t have to be envious, because we have other gifts to discover. There are many ways how people could share. And we have to work for these tasks.

Don’t you know that you got your precious life, your precious family, your precious friends and communities? Those are way beyond millions.

Life has no price. That is why God made it so beautiful: the human anatomy, body systems, the power of the brain, the loyalty of the heart. Science can’t bring the dead to life, nor can it create another human being.

When you die, you wouldn’t be bringing anything with you in your casket. Where to your body?

It will crumble to pieces and decay, go back to dust.

You would realize, near your death bed that life is so precious. So before that time comes, you have to prepare your heart.

Your loved ones will miss you, and even those people you met in all the angles of your life. They will remember you, those good times you’ve talked and shared little and big things. The precious encounters!

Often, you see every problem around, but forget to count your blessings. What you own are gifts already, and in what you’re working for, time will reward and would never forget. In different ways, you will get what you planted.

Even some troubles are blessings in disguise, because in what’s hard that comes to you, you are molded to become more beautiful. Wisdom grows with time and endurance. It is discovering something more than the money that you have today. It is preparing you for something bigger than life and closer to heaven.

When my mother had cancer, I thought it would be so difficult to tend her. But then, I was wrong for in that span of a year, our families got closer to more people who really cared for the sick. These people, in the hospital, the helpers, and many good people around became my mother’s friends. These people were our very own families during those times, no one would be available. They made my mother happier and stronger facing death.

And now that everything had passed, and everything’s gone I have learned that compassion, unity, and trust mattered. Indeed, I have got a lot, my mother’s wisdom and her friend’s compassion. Everyone can be angels, just try to discover them around you.

So brace up and know what you’ve got before it’s gone; or you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

The right choices come with love. Keep loving!

rose flores martinez


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