Dear God, Father of All

Dear God,

We pray for Japan and our Japanese brothers and sisters

We pray for our migrant families, too

We come together with them, even in our small prayers

And we ask for your mercy so they would be safe from the blows of nature

And earthly accidents.

Have mercy Lord, have mercy on us all.


Keep the students, Lord

Be with the students, be with everyone

And since we’re oceans apart –

Let all our prayer for one Almighty GOD, bond and

Reign with power, over all the troubles we now face

We offer all that we are –

Our love and prayers for everyone – for calmness and safety

Father of all, let Your miracles from Heaven be upon us

In Jesus Christ love, mercy and grace, we trust. Amen.

I love you God.

We love you, Father of all.

rose flores martinez


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