Huxley: Life and Chess Game

“I’ll be home for Christmas,” is a line from a famous song. And usually, those away from their families during the season have that pang of sadness.

“Little Christmas tree, no one to buy you; give yourself to me, you’re worth a weight of precious gold, you see…” is another sad line from a song. What could the heart feel this breezy and snowy December?

The “Holy Family” (St. Joseph, Mother Mary, Baby Jesus) is God’s manifestation of his great love for us, in this symbol of a poor, but decent family in a manger. They are one of us: everyone. Everyone (family members helping each other) has work to do and that dignity to live a peaceful life, and sharing to neighbors. Joseph is a carpenter, Mary a housekeeper, and Jesus taking part in chores and learning.

Therefore, losing a loved one during Christmas is like nailing hands on the cross, and being bereft. Losing a family member or a dear friend is a bleeding wrist.

You remember that last Christmas together and how happy you all were, come like a throbbing volcano inside your heart.

Eating together and praying together become so memorable for everyone. Feed a beggar, and you make him very happy for Christmas. Give toy to a child, like there’s Santa, and he/she wouldn’t forget that.

But then, living everyday like it is Christmas will not let you regret anything. It is true that no one is perfect, but anyone can always try to be perfect. If we could be more generous in time, service, and talent; if not in money, then others will always be happy. Perhaps they will do the same. It’s like writing a story: we would show and not only tell.

I say “Life is like a book of stories,” and Tom Hanks say’s “Life is a box of chocolates.”

There are reasons why we lose a beloved, but life must go on for us and the others. If you would rise and make others happy, losing someone will not be painful. You can build another family, new friends, and give birth to new projects.

It will be unfair for the living, if you lose hope if someone dies. The dead will not be happy if you sulk in despair. The dead will be pushing you and helping you in prayer to ascend on a higher level and accomplish your missions/goals in life, too.

Lost a loved one? Please go to God and tell Him how you are missing someone. At Christmas, offer your gifts of prayers for the living and the dead. The dead would pray, too. In God we all live forever, in different dimensions, but only exist for one Father: God himself. The meaning of Christmas is salvation and God is with us (Emmanuel!). Fear not.


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