Cars: Be Safe and Drive Carefully

Cars. I am not really into cars because I can’t drive. I don’t have one. I can’t even ride a bike. But then, I appreciate these moving objects and boxes, it’s just that one couldn’t have everything in the world that he/she likes and we must be happy of what we have, and work harder for those that we dream about.

And I’m happy that people have what they like. They can share them, as well.

When I was younger, my father bought a small car from Ford. And it was a small wagon to bring us to school. But when my Dad died, we sold it.

And then my dead husband, years back, owned one of the first pick-up around town. It was a Datsun, where the latest Nissan name was given prominence in 1983. He drove it madly, but was a good driver as smooth as traveling across any highway. And how he learned driving was because he stole the keys from their driver (at a very young age) so he could drive. He didn’t get formal driving lessons, but he was real cool when he drove. Can I say he could even win a drag race? He knew a lot from a single screw to computers, machines, and car engines. His mind and discoveries were amazing and genius, but perhaps he’s better peaceful with God now. Of course, in life there are humps and imperfections – and that, everything gets well with God’s spanking and hugging.

Today, there are lots of new cars around town. Big and small, and a hearse, and armor trucks. Models are styled differently as to the functions and unique specifications. I guess those pick-ups originated from the Philippine’s jeep! Jeeps are strong ad serviceable. And what do you think are the cars used by the army? How safe are they?

Truly, there are lots to be told about cars and the latest discoveries about them. And of course when you would buy one, test-drive and pay attention to safety features, comfort, braking, acceleration, and ride quality, among others. Know the type of vehicle you need, and study the different models available. See what fits your budget to get one safe and comfortable car! Anyway, just deem it a tool and don’t be slave of it. Use it wisely to serve its purpose: bringing you with smiles from one place to another place, then back home and to work.

Be safe and drive carefully!


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