In Trouble: Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
in Time of Trouble

O Sacred Heart of Jesus
Make us remember,
When the world is cold and dreary
And we know not to turn for comfort
That there is always one spot
Bright and cheerful –
The Sanctuary.

When we are in desolation of spirit
When all who are dear to us have passed away
Like summer flowers,
And none are left to us, or care for us
We whisper to our troubled souls
That there is one friend, who dies not
One whose love never changes,
The Sacred Heart of Jesus on the altar.

When sorrows deepen and crush us
With burden
When we look in vain for comfort
Let your dear words come forth
With full force form the tabernacle:
“Come to Me all you that labor
And are heavily burdened, and I will
Refresh you.”

Would that we could realize
The pure happiness of receiving
Your sympathy
Would that we could feel –
When we are crushed and humbled
When the hope we have lived for has
When sorrows and trials, that we dare
Not reveal to any
Make our souls sink well nigh unto death
When we look in vain for someone
To understand us
One who will enter into our miseries –
Make us remember
That there is One on the altar
Who know every fiber of our hearts,
Every sorrow, every pain
Special to our peculiar natures,
And who deeply sympathizes with us.

Compassionate Heart of Jesus,
Our hearts crave for sympathy
And to suffer seems nothing to the bitterness
Of suffering alone.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
I trust in you.


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