Why Watching Someone Who Is Hurting Is Painful

A parent would say to the pains of his/her child, “Why wasn’t it I Lord, to bear my child’s pain?”

But it has to be so.

In the Bible, the “Binding of Isaac,” called “Olah,” in Hebrew, narrates the story when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah.

Abraham set to obey God’s command to offer his son as sacrifice without questioning. As soon as Isaac was bound to the Altar, a voice was heard in the last minute: “Now I know you fear God.” Then God allowed a ram to be caught and become the sacrifice (in place of Isaac).

Why are we in pain as we watch a sick person struggle for comfort?

Why do we feel mercy when we see the poor helpless? Empathizing, when we couldn’t lift the oppressed, and no one would listen?

Why? The unfathomable “why’s” of life scrape off our skin slowly, when we couldn’t do anything but stare at hurling bullets.

But is has to be so.

Each one faces a destiny of his own, different from the others, as unique as our endowed crowns of life. Is there something more agonizing than a crown of thorns, undeserved? We take of the cup, sweet wine of grapes, a nourishment for our hearts to carry the burden we could have.

It has to be so.

How could we lessen the pain of a loved one, the special people closest to us, and the world around us? Perhaps, we could try to act bravely, as big as the heroes. We could move on, when others stop. We could stand the highest, when others fall. It will be unfair for those hurting, if we couldn’t be stronger than their pain and their hurts.

If my father died from a bullet, it would be unfair for me to hunt and kill the murderer. Justice must be sought. And if justice, a sigh, comes far in this time, there would be signs of abundance of grace and kindness nigh, for those we love, bring peace and love, above all.

We couldn’t cry and rip a vein for others. We couldn’t be in Gaza, or Haiti, or suffer in place of another; and that is why it hurts. It hurts badly.

But it has to be so.

And when the mountains on our backs come unbearable, we are knocked down praying to the ground listening to the cracks of the earth.

Like Maria, during the execution of her Son in Golgotha.

“God, help us bear each other’s pain and hurt,
in the prayers You have breathed in our mouths,
in the prayers You have nested in our hearts,
in the charm of love we could share,
big or small in pretty boxes, a grip of power from your hands.
We grieve because we love .”

It hurts badly, as painful as when someone leaves. It hurts badly, as painful as when someone dies. Jesus, carry all our pain and hurts, we trust in Thee.

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Finding God in Your Life



Finding God in Your Life

“I beseech You, O God, to show my full self to myself.”
St. Augustine

Once in my poetry class, my teacher told me to write digging into something deeper in me. I understood her well, but told her “I may not be able to come back and that is scary.”

Another professor made me deal with emotional truth, as in dramatic writing, and still another let me write about a testimony. All must be candid. I thank God for my mentors. They did well. Hence, my moments of truth!

So here I am, omnipresent in time and space. I love my work. I deem it my duty to write. I share it as a gift.

In James Olney’s “Metaphors of Self” it says that to become what we are not, we can only then begin for what we are, but the process of becoming must be an evolution and growth, never a disruption, from that potential and inherent in the beginning.”
Life is like creative art, you must live it with zeal. In any work or vocation you choose there comes a responsibility: doctor to patient, teacher to student, servant to master, or priest to church, among others. Moreover, this privilege entails a responsibility.

Truly, God is ever present in the miracles of everyday life. It is living one day at a time and let him take care of your tomorrow, too. It is believing that all things will work out together for good for those who love and obey him. It is humbly coming to him in prayer offering the promises of our weak selves. It is kneeling down in the acceptance of his will without knowing what to get. It is trusting God, your whole life and hoping in the salvation of the cross. It is the obedience of Mama Mary, the conversion of Paul, and the turning point of Saints.

According to Ernst Cassirer “In language, in religion, in art, in science, man can do no more than to build up his own universe, as such a symbolic universe that enables him to understand and interpret to articulate and organize, to synthesize and universalize in human experience.

Also, Yeats once heard in the night, “The love of God for every human soul is infinite, for every human soul is unique; no other can satisfy the same need in God.”

Finding God in your life is knowing how to love. It is that love that gives joy and peace. It is not self seeking, but rejoices along with the truth. It always protects and trusts. It never fails. Note chapter thirteen of one Corinthians.

So here I am, omnipresent in time and space. Most Sacred Heart, live in us, forever!


July 27, 2016

Prayers for Surrendering to God



Life matters. It does. More than anything else in this world, life matters. Often, you forget about this blessing and fret about things that cannot equal the value of life. You become more occupied on getting more money, more gain, and you forget that you have the most important gifts right in you: your mind, your heart, your body.

When you pray, you surrender to God. Willingly, you seek him, long for him, or ache for him. You want him to come to you, feel him and whisper in his chest. You want him so much, his all in you, so nothing else matters. He completes you.

When you pray, heaven bends down. When you cry in joy or sorrow, God cups your tears in his hand to water dry fields from the pure heart. Prayers of surrendering come hot to God because they seek his will. They cover heaven and earth with bliss, all its creation, especially the faithful.

Check the following universal prayers.

“Take and receive O Lord, my liberty
Take all my will, my mind, my memory.”

This means empty me, dear God. Your will be done.

“All to Jesus I surrender, all to him I freely give.”

This means Jesus be my savior. Take me, my Lord and my God.

“O Mary, mother of Jesus and mother of the church, receive my pact of love with you.”

This is being one with Mama Mary, as a daughter or son. The parent is a source of nourishment, comfort, power, healing and teaching.

“I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.”

I believe you dear God. I love you, my Father. I pray for the resurrection of the dead and our lives now and tomorrow. I trust in you, most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses.”

Life is lived one day at a time, be young or old, or whatever our tags be. We ask and give thanks day by day. After every struggle we move and try surrendering to God again. All shall pass too, yet our hope and light is forever. God’s promise is forever.

Surrendering to God is not for a show nor for fame, but for love, peace and unity of all men and nations. It is not for money, power or reputation. Surrendering to God is more than mortality. It is a miracle that moves mountains and divide seas.

You cannot love both God and mammon. You cannot be neutral. You can either be black or white. You must choose. You must trust. Understand that when you pray, you are surrendering to God and you are one with him.

Pray, therefore and have faith!

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Learning to Pray in Silence

Praying is an act of holiness. No matter how sinful one can be, in prayer one transforms into a positive energy that warms the earth and the human race. Prayer is a gift from God.

It does not choose. Everyone is equal. Everyone can come. It is full of power.

So you can come. You can accept God for free with your whole heart, mind and spirit. In various ways you can do it aloud or in silence. God is always listening in every way.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”

There are situations that wreck your heart then all of a sudden you find yourself sitting quietly, clasping your hands and bowing your head. Sometimes, you become too happy, then your blithe body looking up or down in adoration and thanks, you are praying!

The priest, nun, parents, teacher or the catechist in the community can help and inspire you to adore God, but then it is only the Holy Spirit that will show you what to do and as you learn your chants, novena or Nicene Creed, you are in pact with the Holy Ghost.

Says a priest, “The Eucharist or the Holy Mass is the highest form of prayer.”

Moreover, the rosary is a form of remembering how Jesus lived his life on earth, from birth to death, through the intercession of Mama Mary and the holy Saints and angels. For me this depicts the word Emmanuel. God is with us!

So in silence, your eyes stop blinking or they blink a lot. Something mortal inside you stops. Everything in the body meet in one glorious space of Holy grace and mercy where mind and heart meet fully focused on Him alone. In silence, when you consider yourself a sinner (trying not to sin again), when thoughts crave for the holiness and benefit of others (pray for their intentions), when you humbly admit you give nothing but yourself; you will feel God. His breath will capture every word in your heart and mind, even those you cannot speak. And though there are those, who speak in words or in tongues, there can be those who say nothing, and in awe adore God deep inside every heartbeat, every atom in the flesh, all the hands can grasp, the nothing and everything of the world and the self in one Sacred Heart. “Take me, I am yours… ”

Prayer can substitute for the word love in the Holy Bible. The Our Father is the prayer which Jesus taught (his disciples) us.

Let me share this.

Create in us, a clean heart, dear God that we may love and be happy.
Send forth thy Holy Spirit. Make us one with thy most Sacred Heart.
Gather us in your arms, please don’t be apart.
Most Sacred Heart, we love you. Dear Jesus, we trust you.

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