In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Apologies.”

When you work with your heart out, all you know is to be happy in work.  Sometimes you just want to give generously and aim for good results and catch the stars in split seconds.  As a writer, I become immerse in my muse, sometimes forget, sometimes break limits…   Way back in  my masteral studies, one writing professor asked me to get into deeper realms of writing.  I answered her, ” No, I can’t;  I may not be able to come back…”  But then, she was very right and she spoke of truth, for then in my writing work, I feel happy and complete writing, and if for God.  I may not be perfect, but I stand with my writing duties.  Even if my head is cut off …. no one can stop me.  Therefore, I give no apologies, but speak of truth. In literary criticism (Scholes; Semiotics), writers use symbols for us to experience creative texts, among others; hence, if the writer is immersed in his / her work it could become her reality.  My life is my work.  So help me, God.  Thank you for reading my work.  A blessed day all!


I’m Okay! Thank God!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Your Reach.”

Nothing.  I can’t remember anything that I’ve ever wanted.  My parents’ love and the elders’ love around me sufficed.  Maybe, I just wanted more cakes with more icing on top.


When my Dad died, I’ve never wanted anything more. I’m okay with God!

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I’ve never wanted anything.

When You Wish Upon A Star…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

“When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true…”

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Two magic rings put together, one for me and a friend would fetch a genie just like an old cartoon TV show

“Shazam!”  Stars will move and and the wind will sing a tune…. and altogether we would fly!

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Flash Movie Review: Bridge of Spies

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They bulge out like wide fish eyes skimming the sea’s surface of ceiling tiles. You see them everywhere now, those security cameras encased in smoky dark glass globes. Some places do not even bother making them inconspicuous; they hang up the actual cameras on the walls or have them dangling down from the roof like machine gun turrets. It seems no matter where you turn someone is watching you. Generally it does not bother me; what do I care if someone is watching me pump gasoline into my car or buying kitchenware for a dinner party. However, I just heard on the news this week some financial institution is working on a payment system that only requires the payer to send a selfie of their face. Yuck, the idea turns my stomach. There are already too many people taking selfies or videotaping themselves and everything around them, that I do…

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Repost ~ A Rose dancing in the wind..

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Gentle rose dancing in the wind..Where are you headed..Why do you dance so..Is there a place you found peace..From the tears of fallen hearts..Will your wings carry you the distance..Beyond the horizon of the golden sun..?

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*For me, the entire world is my inspiration to write, especially 
nature, always pulling me out of writers block :)
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If Ever… God’s Baby on Earth

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A True Saint.”

I would be a Saint of the Impossible.  I would be a Saint of Love.  Maybe a mother, a teacher, a lover … or an avatar.  Take me I’m yours.  Not even in my dreams of becoming a Saint but only like a praying mantis that would make you laugh, cry and jump like a kid!  We are God’s children and from time to time there is always hope for us in Jesus Christ.  Amen. Have a blessed day all!

St. Hannibal, pray for us.  Send O Lord holy apostles / workers into Your church.

Holy angels and Saints, pray for us!


Five Common Bad Habits and How to Correct Them

Bad Habits: 5 Common Bad Habits and How to Correct Them

“Good habits must be practiced everyday” parents, teachers, leaders have to repeat that to their children/students/community.

It is not actually bugging people, but reminding them that we all have to check each other. It is true that sometimes it could be an over-reaction, or being too boring, or being too aggressive, but good manners come with discipline. Tell nicely, accept nicely without waiting for rewards and positive responses. The angels will help at this. You know “the power of good versus evil.” That is why people don’t stop remembering “karma,” because there really is justice. Moreover, redemption is real (whether you like it or not).

Let us start to move and change these 5 Common Bad Habits:

1. Avoid being late and procrastination – It has been a connotation that “American time” means “exactly.” Being late wastes the time of other people and the time they could have used to do other things. Consider people who come on time. They went out their way and blocked other schedules just to be on time to meet with you.

Procrastination is not doing things quickly. It is like “red tape” which curtails progress and terminates other duties other people can work on.

Red tape is a very bad habit.

How to correct: Be considerate of other people. They are working, too. Remember: “Time is money, time is a basic resource.” Please don’t waste time, and let others suffer time for you. It’s something you can do to help others. Work with people nicely.

2. Don’t litter, maintain clean surroundings – Clean surroundings are conducive to progress. Clean surrounding gives a comfortable life to everyone. Cleanliness maintains a healthy living (despite pollution that can’t be avoided) freeing people to appreciate the simplicity of life, and saving them to bigger medical expenses. “Children become inspired seeing the sky as their roof, the ocean their property, and what a beautiful place on earth we could have been.”

How to correct: Don’t litter. Be a good example.

3. Don’t think bad of others. There are options. Of course, you don’t trust yourself too easily on anyone because there are bad guys. But evil forces are conquered by good forces, there are more good guys/people than bad people. Collaborate with good people. Choose your friends and share to them how to be good. If you trust people to be good, pray they meet their goals.

Chances are: More poor people are good people because they can’t steal, they can’t do corruption, they can endure, they haven’t kept things for themselves, they only depend on GOD as their refuge. They don’t even have money to sustain them. Problems come if they have bad leaders/friends/relatives, then some can falter.

How to correct: Think good of people, anyway. Don’t put tags: rich or poor, young or old, just work together.

4. Don’t be selfish. Selfishness leads to destruction. We share, for everyone to benefit. There are limits, know the limits Each one has to work hard and be happy of each other’s accomplishments. Thank God and others, for the small things you get.

How to correct: Try to share what you hold most. As an offering of your love, do good works or little acts of kindness. Your time and talents are offerings, aside from money. Your work is an offering. We are all parts of one body.

5. Don’t be lazy. If you are lazy, you would like to get something that is not yours to survive. You will be envious of others and you would be dishonest to keep your pride.

How to correct: Find work to do. You don’t always need to be paid for work done. Work will love you, if you respect it and share its fruits. Work will give you dignity, even how little you earn. That is your offering to God, and for that you will be happy and contented.