Oh Lord, You Are The Center Of My Life

Prayer prompts are common and a gift of grace to all.

In more human terms, it is like writing a journal. Research and studies can support these attempts, but immersion in the topic is best. It’s like how to learn a second language or how to complete a project.

It is how you would pray spontaneously, reflect upon a point in scenes of life, or talk to someone very close, among others. Moreover, it is where your heart rests.

In my small experiences with prayers which by God’s grace I have learned by time and how I have lived imperfectly, it became the center of my being. The shortness of knowledge in the field made me focus in just one book, “The Holy Bible.”

I was short of means and I didn’t understand some texts, as usual. But then, I just read those that I understood. Here, I felt very happy with the little progress everyday.

The holy rosary and the Our Father became patterns in my thoughts. I did not know a lot, so at least I have to memorize one or two from the sample prayers of the church. And because I grew up Catholic, I was familiar with organized rituals.

The Book of Psalms (music of the lyre) from the Holy Bible has 150 songs and prayers. It is the longest book in the bible.

While reading the Psalms, I thought I was talking to God like a real father to protect us all. My fears as a child brought me to pray all the time. My goals as an adult brought me to hope in God. And since man has his own imperfection, I always tried to depend on someone strongest enough to rock the earth and merciful enough to bear all.

A prayer is very different even how simple. Anyone can try. All can pray. Prayers make no divisions. It unites. It brings peace. It is everything out of love.

All saints and angels help in various ways. For me, among others, St. Hannibal and St. Therese intercede that I would become zealous and value the greatness of small things.

For everyone, the Holy Spirit is the perfect teacher to get done with the prayer prompts.

Here’s my example:

So be it unto me.
O Lord, you are the center of my life.
Bless us all, strong in strife.
Give us zeal and guts all day.
In you we trust our acts, we pray.

Check this prayer by Cardinal Mercier.

O Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, I adore you. Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me.

Tell me what I should do. Give me your orders. I promise to submit myself to all that you desire of me and to accept all that permit to happen to me. Let me know your will.

/rosalinda flores martinez


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Truth: On Emerson\s Quote

“God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please you can never have both.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Repose in this context could be leisure, dormancy or any comfort zone.

Leisure is the favorite word of lazy people. They opt for easier solutions that wouldn’t entail stretching of muscles. They desist responsibilities, pass on work, and do a lot of talking and putting on a friendly face.

Dormancy is inaction. The dead lies quietly and steadily in the coffin. Total rest is for the dead, as work is for the living. Time moves life, and there is no best choice but to move forward. God makes us, in different places of the world see the beauty that lies around.

Comfort zones are good, but then life’s zest is facing challenges and pruning communities. Comfort zones are good, for some time of hydrating the bodies. There is no discovery in the comfort zones, but to rest for a while, then leap the next day.

Emerson says “The person who loves the truth will abstain from dogmatism, and recognize the opposite negations, between which as walls, his being is swung. He submits to the inconvenience of suspense and imperfect opinion…”

Truth carries with it a firm resolve and the act of prudence. Faith in goodness supports its premises. It stands pure as gold. It is what heaven teaches how mortals could elevate to a level where Saints dwell; a place of the gods in mythology. Someone weak in spirit can never defend truth. He/She would tell a lie and couldn’t stand affront to lead a tribe or become an example testifying about heaven and earth.

And so truth, as the other is not (repose), earns respect in man’s being, and the purpose for which beings are created.

Joseph Ratzinger, before his election as Pope Benedict XVI in his book, “Truth and Tolerance” argued that love and truth are identical.

Views prove about truth, from the past until now, from Plato, Aquinas, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Fromm, even Foucault on Nietzsche; and everyone, keeps proving about it.

And so it endures, like love. Truth is love. It will abstain from a bunchful of commodities, as it goes with the wisdom of ages and creations, beauty and zest. Truth is all beautiful, and it can never stay damped like the dullness of repose; it will come free as the wind and rolling like waves to chant the song of life, a kiss from its Creator.

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How To Behave When No One Is Watching

How many eyes are there? Two eyes. Other’s say there are three eyes, the third eye is the extra sensory perception. Still other’s say, there are four, those people with glasses got four (laugh).

But you are alone now. Eyes don’t see you now.

How would you act?

We all act in many ways: dressed or naked, full or hungry, strong or weak, angry or forgiving, among others.

The children are those who are so naive and so true. They can be ashamed most of the time, but would ask and push through. The adults are free, but mysterious when alone. Who knows, what one does and how one pees and foams the bubbles, or how one toils on his work unselfishly. There are many stories to tell. Most of the time, the husband and the wife know and share a lot of common things.

As for me I try my best to behave (though I’m imperfect), and feel the presence of God around. I am aware that He is watching all, for we are all His children. When the lights are off, and we’re in the draft state (unmade), and we’ve become tainted, and we fall on our knees; He sees and He comes, beside and the closest to us.

When no one is watching, I feel God’s presence right beside me. And I just couldn’t curse even enemies, but pray for all that we may find God’s arms in good and bad times. We just couldn’t tell exactly how to behave when no one is watching because someone watching or not is not a question, at all; should there be changes? Let the Holy Spirit guide in any situation and we would do as we’re told in Heaven’s will. Maybe, there’s a sense of alchemy, too.

And yes, freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom when no one is watching and a time to be alone with God, and talk to him, and tell him all that is in our hearts: bitter or sweet. It is not getting crazy, but just pleading and acting out monologues.

Usually, when no one is watching, we come to feel a gripping moment, and come to think of those that we love and cherish. We couldn’t hate so much for in the state of being alone, is also a state of God’s grace. Some kind of power to pardon those who have wronged us bestirs the heart only God can see, and then we pray for others in the silence that we’re most endowed with power, because we offer the self to Jesus.

And as to work, we serve with love even when no one is looking. We are not alone. God is always with us, now and forever. Be still.

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Flash Movie Review: Shaun the Sheep

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A friend of mine has been making fun of me because of my new refrigerator. After many years the old fridge died and I had to buy a new one which was the easy part. The hard part has been arranging the food with the different configuration of shelves and drawers inside the new refrigerator. I am a creature of habit and find comfort in keeping a steady routine. So now when I open the refrigerator door I have to search for items because I was so used to knowing where everything was inside the previous fridge. This throws me for a loop and has been fodder for my friend’s teasing. Just for a reference point when you open her refrigerator plan on participating in a scavenger hunt. I know there are many people who constantly must have change in their lives; it can be anywhere from moving every couple…

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Society And Mythology

Every society has mythology as its principal part of stories in its earlier phases of development. The language is metaphorical. Poets love mythology because mythology deals with divine beings. For example: The myth of Prometheus (the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind) gives to Shelley that attracts him to the myth rather than to a contemporary social theme.

Northrop Frye in his paper about “Nature and Myth” says that a myth, in its simplest and most normal significance, is a certain kind of story, generally about a god or other divine being. Myths in this sense are associated with primitive cultures.

According to studies, myths tend to stick together and form a mythology (body of stories associated with culture), whereas folktales simply travels over the world interchanging their motifs and themes. Legends are more photo historical in reference. It is an easy-going form of tradition, before there is general demand for history conceived as the study of what actually happened.

Influences of myths to human situation show broad concepts of beginnings to the myths of the end: creation, golden age, lost paradise, dragons, chaos, apocalypse, millennium, Utopia (Sir Thomas More, describing a perfect society of an imaginary island) or else, visions of total destruction. Take note of the movie about an apocalypse shown 2009 which raised societal disapproval upon using the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” in Brazil (Seven Wonders of the World). How can one highlight the destruction that symbolizes sacredness? What would be its effects?

Recently, a James Cameron movie entitled “Avatar” (Best picture, Best Direction, with 9 Academy Award nominations) shows the planet Pandora. Dragons fly here, just like in the old stories. New York Times comments it is “Glorious!” A story idea gives life to Sam Worthington, a paraplegic marine with a new mission on planet Pandora. He co-stars with Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver.

Moreover, online is a computer user’s representation of himself or herself or an alter ego. Avatar from the Sanskit word “avatara” is similar to reincarnation (Wikipedia Online).
II. For most Greek gods, there are corresponding ones in Roman Mythology.

<pre> Greek Mythology Roman Mythology

King of the gods Zeus Jupiter
Queen of the gods Hera Juno
Goddess of love Aphrodite Venus
God of sun, music and medicine Phoebus Apollo Apollo
God of war Ares Mars
Goddess of wisdom Pallas Athena Minerva
God of fire Hephaestus Vulcan
God of the sea Poseidon Neptune
Goddess of the hunt Artemis Diana</pre>

Rose Flores Martinez, 2010