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Everyone around was becoming uncomfortable by two of their friends’ heated disagreement. The argument had been brewing between the two for a while and neither was willing to give in to the other. Only recently had their words started taking on a snarky tone and the people around knew better to calm either of them […]

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10 Brunch Recipes Perfect for Mother’s Day — Cooking with a Wallflower

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! Do you have anything planned yet? For our family, we haven’t quite decided what we want to do yet. Most of the time, we just go out for an early dinner, that way we don’t have to deal with the wait or the crowds. Other times, we’ll buy crab or…

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On April 24. YOLO Notes



1.   I’m trying to discover something to write about; new ways, old ways, better ways.

2.  Babies want to sleep encircled with light pillows.

3.  Hungarian sausages and potato salad are luscious for lunch.

4.  I have learned a new word from Marco Borja (4 years old).  The word is animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy’s).  Talking to kids and teaching them is also teaching yourself.  Kids are not boring, they are awesome.

5.Try reading a book and choose from varied endings,  like the “Secret of the Ninja” by Jay Leibold.

6.  The earth is engraved with drawings –

7.  Your intimate lovers stay in your mind.

8.  Growing older is growing wiser.  Getting older must be closer to God’s instructions.

9.  Perhaps I must learn to take good pictures.

10. Change and adapting to change get you zeal.

11.  Kiss whenever possible.

12.  Rest to avoid stress because of climate changes.  Do things that make you happy!

13.  Yolo is real!  You Only Live Once!  Enjoy and make others happy!  Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

The Meaning of Love in Friendship


We say, “Best friends forever!” We share friendship bands. We tug at each others clothes. We create beautiful things together; yes we share one love and real friendship.

Real friends never let go, even if they fight. They are like kids who punch and hug. They are like sisters who comb each others hair after sticking gum on it. They are like brothers who kick each other’s ass and later on give a helping hand. They are friends, who after a fight make up, forgive, and accept each other again. Real friends don’t give up on each other. Their friendship never ends. It thrives good fruits around the fence, near and even faraway.

Check these thoughts on love in friendship:

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold. (an old song)
Let there be no malice.
Speak the truth to your friend.
Feel that which your friend cannot speak.
Accept and understand each other.
Don’t forget to admonish, for then in mistake, both will learn and get corrected.
Be generous in charity.
Don’t dig graves.
Share water and cookies.
Set each other free.

Let each other thrive like a kite flying high, but like the waves kissing down.

Truly, we are all blessed with friends. When I was a young adult and professional, I was blessed with many and I had two best friends who stayed with me against the odds. I will not name them, but their names are engraved in my heart. May they forgive my shortcoming and indifference. May they, also, know that I have never doubted their love nor betrayed, even if time had separated us; or life or death had caused us to be away from each other.

My Bible highlights remember Matthew, Chapter 18 Verse 19-20.

I also tell you this – if two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my father in heaven will do it for you.

For where two or three gather together because they are mine, I will be right there among them.

Love in friendship is loyalty, respect and that love looking up waiting for nothing, but God’s grace and love. It is laughing together, crying together and making things happen together. It is never afraid, nor cheating, but rejoices along with the truth.

Perhaps, best of all, the meaning of love in friendship is what the holy Bible says.

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!”

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