An Ode To A Playground. Philippine Normal College Laboratory School

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ode to a Playground.” An Ode To A Playground:  PNCLS We were like monkeys in the jungle gym hopping the squares of childhood, swinging our freedom like trapeze actors, learning how to fly. In every hour, stark, green grasses around, waved greetings of Aloha, absent of check points or many gates that would fall and entrances that would scan thumbs or asked for passwords. Mornings were beautiful, for us, with newly mown grass, fresh and fragrant like bread, with moist shimmer of rain, mirrored a paradise. Happy kids and teens of school, nurtured … Continue reading An Ode To A Playground. Philippine Normal College Laboratory School

The Magic of Drawings

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.” I’ve been amazed , basically by all things in this world. But then, how to draw a cat, a mouse, a person, a stick, a face or a smiley icon, for me, are basically, the hardest activities in the world. Back then, when my sister asked me to draw a cat, I came up with a mouse; when my daughter asked me to draw a cow, I came up with an alien; when I wanted to sketch a laughing icon,  I came up with a sad one — you know … Continue reading The Magic of Drawings

Work of Art Links

The oldest art examples found on the walls of the caves, were interpreted and used in connecting people – culture, heaven – earth, life- death, time- space, GOD – man. These connections come with rituals and magical ceremonies many thousands of years ago, and had been improved as part of fine art. These paintings, lines, forms, and signs express and communicate life. Art was developed on a grand scale by the Ancient Egyptians. The Sphinx, the Pharaohs, their structures, some of which still survive today. In about 600 BC the Greeks produced realistic statues of human form, Romans followed the … Continue reading Work of Art Links

How To Write Creative Literature

Good literature stands the test of time. Writers, unaware of being called creative writers cannot just stop writing at this. Let me share about writing, not as a creative writer, but as one writer like the rest of us and one writer who earns the right to represent her own experiences in her work (Paul Horgan). Creative writing is a gift you never have to ask for, it is something embedded in your life. As you would not like the events or that gift of grieving, it happens as you write, as you live and as you work. It is … Continue reading How To Write Creative Literature

Oh Lord, You Are The Center Of My Life

Prayer prompts are common and a gift of grace to all. In more human terms, it is like writing a journal. Research and studies can support these attempts, but immersion in the topic is best. It’s like how to learn a second language or how to complete a project. It is how you would pray spontaneously, reflect upon a point in scenes of life, or talk to someone very close, among others. Moreover, it is where your heart rests. In my small experiences with prayers which by God’s grace I have learned by time and how I have lived imperfectly, … Continue reading Oh Lord, You Are The Center Of My Life